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Friend's Agitation, 190th King's Age

In the ruins of Ur Draxa Rajaat battles his former Champions. Rajaat imprisons Andropinis of Balic in the Black, then grabs the Dark Lens from Tectuktitlay of Draj and crushes the sorcerer-king's skull. The remaining Champions scatter while Sadira steals the Dark Lens and heads for the Ring of Fire. Sadira of Tyr discovers that the key to Rajaat's defeat is his shadow, which gives him substance. Using the Dark Lens, the young Rkard casts a sun spell it magnifying its power ten-fold. The resulting brilliance obliterates Rajaat's shadow and sends his essence back to the Hollow, while his body is boiled away by the heat of the spell. Having been in contact with the Dark Lens as Rkard cast his spell, Tithian becomes mystically connected to the Black and Rajaat's elemental nature. The result is Tithian becoming the Cerulean Storm. Sadira tosses the Dark Lens and the Scourge into the Ring of Fire, placing powerful wards around it so that no one can obtain the artifact and once again free the First Sorcerer. As Rkard's spell lights up the sky, a great earthquake rocks the Tyr Region. The full force of the quake is centered west of the Tablelands beyond the Ringing Mountains. The resulting quake creates the Great Rift, a passage leading to the Crimson Savannah of the Kreen Empire.

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