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Kyle Brink D&D Executive Producer comments on Dark Sun

Kyle Brink the Executive Producer of Dungeons and Dragons at Wizards of the Coast was asked about Dark Sun in an interview with Bob the Worldbuilder concerning the recent OGL debacle. His response…“I’ll be frank here, the Dark Sun setting is problematic in a lot of ways. And that’s the main reason we haven’t come back to it. We know it’s got a huge fan following and we have standards today that make it extraordinarily hard to be true to the source material and also meet our ethical and inclusion standards. We know there’s love out there for it and god we would love to make those people happy, and also we gotta be responsible. “.

Dark Sun Game Day February 18th!

This is your monthly ping reminding you all of Dark Sun Game Day on Saturday, February 18th 2023!

This month we will be releasing our third scenario, it is part one of a four-part series called Legacy of the Stonelords. You do not need to play them in order, but those who do will receive, story awards that players may use with their PC’s in the adventure series.

DSE-03 Stolen Heritage A recently discovered cache of ancient artifacts in the wastelands has sent many in the city-state of Tyr abuzz with curiosity and excitement. House Vordon is organizing an exclusive auction to sell all the items found to the highest bidder.

This adventure scenario for the DARK SUN Campaign Setting is designed by Sebastien Gamache for play in a 4-hour session with 3 to 6 players using 6th level characters.

We need volunteers to GM this scenario during the Dark Sun Game Day, so if you want to GM send me a pm with the time slots on the 18th, VTT platform (if used), edition/system and I will schedule your event. GMs who volunteer will receive a GM copy of the scenario with edition-neutral stats as well as 5E stats on Feb 11th.

So hop on to the Athascon discord server at

Keep Hope Alive!

Flyer image for Stolen Heritage
Dark Sun Excursions Stolen Heritage by June Soler