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Dark Sun 30th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Dark Sun! This month marks 30 years that Dark Sun has been around! Thanks Troy Denning, Timothy Brian Brown, Bill Slavicsek, Monte Cook, Bruce R Cordell, Robert J Schwalb, Richard Baker, Rodney Thompson, Chris Sims and everyone who’s had a hand in contributing to this amazing setting. And of course Dark Sun wouldn’t be Dark Sun without the artists Gerald Brom, Tom Baxa, Diesel, Rob Lazaretti, John Dollar, Wayne Reynolds, Jason Engle,, William O’Connor, and many more!

Thanks for putting this image together June!

Random Generators

Random generators are useful to have for DMs. Here are a handful from around the web that are specific for Dark Sun.

Dark Sun Random Generators Athasian Name Generator Rhul-Thaun Name Generator Thri-Kreen Random Name Generator Random NPC Random Castle Random Storyhook Random Settlement Random Village Name Generator

New Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Podcast Episode 20: 5e Psionics

New BSO podcast! In this episode, we talk about what Psionics looks like in the current incarnation of 5e and what they might look like in Dark Sun for 5e.

Incase you missed the last episode, it talked about Psionics from original -4th edition.

Lost Cistern of Aravek 5e on 1/16 at 2pm Eastern

There are still a couple seats left for one DarkSun game tomorrow at 2pm Eastern! Join me (Robert Adducci) and discover the Lost Cistern of Aravek, a 5e DarkSun game that’s part of the D&D Virtual Weekend. 3rd level pregens provided. This adventure is converted to 5e from 4th edition. This is a paid game.

Signup here!

New Media Menu

We’ve added a media menu that includes the following links. If you have any suggestions of content to add please let us know in the comments!

  • Podcasts
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  • Videos
  • Nerdarchy on Dark Sun Playlist
  • WebDM on Dark Sun
  • D20 Live’s Introduction
  • Michel Snows Setting Guide with Spoiler
  • Actual Play
  • Aquisitions Inc, 4th edition, (season 1)
  • Rise of the Veiled Alliance, (season 1)
  • Journey to the Obsidian Spire, (season 2)
  • Tales from the Silt Expanse (season 2

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