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Distance calculator for Dark Sun via the Major Trade Routes

Want to get from one place to another but don't want to calculate how far it is? Wondering what's the best path from one place to another? Use the Dark Sun Distance Calculator. Simply choose the Origin and the Destination, and the appropriate speed and click the "Go!" button. Everything is done for you.

Note: Distances are those given by Chay0s and Bobby Stewart. They did a lot of the work.
I used their information to get an array of origin->destination distances. I then used this array in Dijkstra's algorithm to compute the shortest path from all origins to all destinations.

The total time in hours is based on a rough estimate of the average terrain type between destinations. This should not be viewed as absolute. I used a terrain type modifier of 0.75. The DMG doesn't have an entry for Desert with road, but I averaged the terrain modifier between Highway (1) and Trackless(0.5). The results shown for travel time are given for a humanoid with base speed of 30 feet.

- Gab