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Updated Resources section

I’ve finished off some additional updates to the Resources section of the site. The dropdown menu now has a “Files” entry, which contains downloadable resources. These are unofficial content, intended as player and DM aids to help make running and playing on Athas a little smoother. As of launch, it contains the DS3 character sheet, a collection of VTT maps, and a player’s handout overview of the City-States

Some of these resources are also attached to an appropriate product; for example Dark Sun 1 now has links to several VTT maps for it’s intro adventure, A little knowledge.

New Resources section

I’ve added a new categorization to the site: Resources.

The idea is that these are loose tools or files not strictly related to a product release, and not of an “article” nature. I’m going to be migrating some things over to that section in the near future, but at it’s start there are three things there now:

  • A distance calculator, giving an idea of the travel time between stops on the trade routes.
  • A magazine index listing out Dark Sun articles published in Dragon, Dungeon or Polyhedron magazines.
  • The timeline has been moved under this heading.

Play Dark Sun next Saturday, all editions welcome! Dark Sun Excursions

Dark Sun Logo and full sone with the details of the Excursions event
Dark Sun Excursions - The Lost Temple of Rahoon by June Soler

We at Athascon are debuting monthly Dark Sun Excursions adventures for play during the monthly Dark Sun Game Day on December 17, 2022.

Our first adventure scenario is DSE-01 Lost Temple of Rahoon .

If you want to play Dark Sun, this is your opportunity to jump into the world of the Crimson Sun for FREE!

Currently GM’s are running the adventure in the following game systems/editions: (If you want to run 3rd edition get in touch!) * 5E D&D (Players Needed) * 4E D&D (Players Needed) * 2E AD&D

So hop on to the Athascon Discord at Join the ATHASCON - A DARK SUN CELEBRATION Discord Server! go to the #dark-sun-excursions channel on and sign-up!

All games are pinned to that channel.


Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Episode 26 Tom Baxa

The latest episode of Bone, Stone, & Obsidian is posted. In this episode Jesse and Robert talk to Dark Sun artist Tom Baxa.

Listen to the Episode:

A Thri-Kreen wielding a gythka and a two handed sword. ThriKreen Warrior Copyright Thomas M. Baxa 2010
Thri-Kreen Commission by Tom Baxa

The Athasian Survey Project 09 - Trade Nest and Ral

Join the continuing journey of the nameless traveller as he visits the ssuran medina of Trade Nest. A reimagining of the original series (posted on the Dark Sun Facebook group) with rewritten entries and more locations, all still with the intention of highlighting rarely visited areas on the Revised 2nd edition map.

from Athasian Survey Project
Trade Nest by Neujack