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Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Episode 24: June Soler and Athascon

June Soler has stormed on the Dark Sun public scene in the past couple of years, in this episode of Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Jesse and Robert talk to June about how his contributions to the Dark Sun community, why he’s an actual Templar of Urik, and his latest project, Athascon.

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Online Oct 29-30th, 2022. Athascon Discord Server:
Athas Con by June Soler

In celebration of Dark Sun’s 31st anniversary, it is only fitting that we have a party in the desert, away from the prying eyes of templars! Lets have a Dark Sun themed virtual convention! Stay tuned for more information as we marshal our allies in the alleys of the city-states and beyond…


Friends here is all the information to get ready for Athascon. We encourage you to participate as players and GMs to bring Dark Sun to new, returning or experienced gamers of all types throughout the weekend. Our goal is to bring a host of Dark Sun adventures in every edition to run throughout the weekend. In addition, we hope to feature Dark Sun programming with both official designers and homebrew creators on their various Dark Sun projects.

Individuals who sign-up and run at least 4 hours of Dark Sun gaming events at Athascon will receive Dark Sun themed digital convention swag. * 3D Printable STL files of Dark Sun themed creatures * A Set of 4 Dark Sun themed creature tokens for use in VTTs created by Devin Night

AthasCon Discord

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Our List of Adventures Ready for Playtest and Feedback is Growing!

Every single one of our adventures for the upcoming book Adventures in the Dead Lands needs playtesting. To make them easier to find, we’ve made a single link where you can find them all, as well as future ones we’ll be making.

Feedback will make all the difference on these adventures, and the first 5 groups who send feedback on these will have their names added to the credits for that adventure. So sign up to a beta test or two today!

Adventures Playtest Page

The Athasian Survey Project 07 - Vir-Rath and the Scorched Plateau

Today I bring you a new clairvoyant missive in the name of the Athasian Survey Project. Vir-Rath and the Scorched Plateau

Join the traveller as he crosses the Scorched Plateau. A reimagining of the original series (posted on the Dark Sun Facebook group) with rewritten entries and more locations, all still with the intention of highlighting rarely visited areas on the Revised 2nd edition map.

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Vir-Rath and the Scorched Plateau by

Faces of the Dead Lands Released!

cover image of skeletal undead
Faces Of The Dead Lands by Jane Bradley
The final primary supplement for Secrets of the Dead Lands, Faces of the Dead Lands, has been released! It is the largest and most extensive book of NPCs ever produced by

Faces of the Dead Lands is far more than just a collection of NPCs and their stats. Within these pages you will find the first-hand accounts of this devastated land and the lush lands that came before it, as experienced through the eyes of the ancient undead who were there. The stories within each NPC description not only paint clear pictures of the motivations and experiences of these characters, but they also build upon existing canon for both the Dead Lands and the other ancient stories from the rest of Athas, granting a much clearer picture of what it was really like to experience the early days of the Cleansing Wars and the terrible Obsidian Tide.

Product Page

Direct Download (PDF)

Open Call - Playtesters for Adventures in the Dead Lands

Adventure cover page for "The Tunnel Beneath"
The Tunnel Beneath Cover 5 1 by Methvezem

Ever since finishing Secrets of the Dead Lands and The Emissary, The Pristine Tower Development Group have been hard at work building adventures for the upcoming Adventures in the Dead Lands supplement, due to be released later this year. But first, the adventures for this upcoming book need playtesting.

This is where you, our dear community, come in.

We will be releasing the adventures for playtesting as they are ready, announcing them here with open registration to download the beta releases to try on your adventuring parties. In exchange for your reviews and feedback, your ideas will be rolled into the adventures and you and your players will appear in the credits for the finished book!

The first adventure is already ready for review, entitled The Tunnel Beneath. Click on the link to sign up and download today!