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New Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Podcast Episode 20: 5e Psionics

New BSO podcast! In this episode, we talk about what Psionics looks like in the current incarnation of 5e and what they might look like in Dark Sun for 5e.

Incase you missed the last episode, it talked about Psionics from original -4th edition.

Lost Cistern of Aravek 5e on 1/16 at 2pm Eastern

There are still a couple seats left for one DarkSun game tomorrow at 2pm Eastern! Join me (Robert Adducci) and discover the Lost Cistern of Aravek, a 5e DarkSun game that’s part of the D&D Virtual Weekend. 3rd level pregens provided. This adventure is converted to 5e from 4th edition. This is a paid game.

Signup here!

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We’ve added a media menu that includes the following links. If you have any suggestions of content to add please let us know in the comments!

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Dark Sun at the D&D Virtual Weekend December

I’ll be running 4 games of Dark Sun at the December D&D Virtual Weekend, hosted by Wizards of the Coast and Baldman Games. You can join the game, a converted Year of Priest’s Defiance adventure using pregenerated characters on Fantasy Grounds. New players welcome! Fantasy Grounds and Dark Sun taught!

You’re nearly out of water as you travel slowly through the dunes, but what is this!? A recent windstorm has uncovered a forgotten ruin. Will it hold salvation or death? A Dark Sun 5e adventure with 3rd level pregenerated characters. This is not an Adventurer’s League event.

Join the weekend at the Yawning Portal.

  1. Table #76 - 4 hours - Cost: $25 - Saturday 12/12 Start Time: 02:00 PM Eastern - DM - Adducci, Robert
  2. Table #98 - 4 hours- Cost: $25 - Saturday 12/12 Start Time: 07:00 PM Eastern - DM - Adducci, Robert
  3. Table #139 - 4 hours- Cost: $25 - Sunday 12/13 Start Time: 02:00 PM Eastern - DM - Adducci, Robert
  4. Table #155 - 4 hours- Cost: $25 - Sunday 12/13 Start Time: 07:00 PM Eastern - DM - Adducci, Robert

Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Podcast #18: Rise of the Veiled Alliance Actual Play DMs

Episode 18 of Bone, Stone, & Obsidian: The Dark Sun podcast is up! Join mysefl and Jesse Heinig as we interview Donathin Frye and Chris Hislop about DMing their #DarkSun actual play’s Rise of the Veiled Alliance (Dark Sun D&D5E) , Tales from the Silt Expanse and Journey to the Obsidian Spire!

Bone Stone & Obsidian: Dark Sun Podcast Episode 15: Dark Sun 5e, part 2 Equipment, Defiling, Survival and other Rules

Here it is, the second part of us delving into our thoughts on 5th edition Dark Sun. How would you do it? What assets are out there? What should Wizards do? Will they do it? When?

This is part 2, we cover defiling, survival, equipment and more!