The Burnt World of Athas

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New Resources section

I’ve added a new categorization to the site: Resources.

The idea is that these are loose tools or files not strictly related to a product release, and not of an “article” nature. I’m going to be migrating some things over to that section in the near future, but at it’s start there are three things there now:

  • A distance calculator, giving an idea of the travel time between stops on the trade routes.
  • A magazine index listing out Dark Sun articles published in Dragon, Dungeon or Polyhedron magazines.
  • The timeline has been moved under this heading.

Playtest Report bug fixed

There was a bit of a formatting error that snuck into one of the playtest reports – it confused the autoformatter. I’ve fixed the playtest report generator so that it won’t choke on bad data, and the page should be alive again