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Dark Sun 3.5 v8

After several years of work and contributions by members of, the pristine tower project, and others in the community, we are pleased to announce an updated release of the DS3 core rules!

The latest version has the following changes:

  • updated easier to read layout
  • new organisational system with clickable table of contents links, and a more thorough index.
  • separate Player and DM Sections, and separate chapters for the timeline and inner planes respectively
  • new prologue discussing how to handle sensitive game topics with new generations of players
  • countless small refinements and expanded explanations/illustrations of rules and lore.
  • fully illustrated pages full of great art created by the Dark Sun community over the past 20 years

Outpost 3 from Dungeon #110 Map

Here’s a map created for the Outpost 3 adventure from Dungeon #110.

Upcoming Releases from the Pristine Tower Group chat

Join us, Sat March 2nd 4pm EST, in the Dark Sun Discord to meet and chat with the project managers behind the Pristine Tower Development group, as they talk about their latest and upcoming releases, and answer questions about previous releases and articles

Sat March 2nd 4pm EST

Volunteer Editors and Writers wanted for 5e organized play.

We’re looking for 5e writers and editors for a fan run organized play campaign. We’ve got 3 adventures that need editing by someone knowledgable about the 5e style guide and we need more volunteer 5e writers as well. If you’re interested shoot me a message at or on Discord @Raddu

3 Covers to the Silt Paths of Samarah trilogy of the Reavers of the Silt Sea Organized Play campaign
Silt Paths of Samarah trilogy covers by Raddu and Ruhl-Thaun_Sage