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Adventures in the Dead Lands

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Product Description

Adventures in the Dead Lands is an anthology collection of adventures relating to the mysterious obsidian scar far to the south of the Tablelands. Each entry is a stand alone adventure featuring some aspect of the undead cursed to call the Dead Lands their home.

Completed Playtests

The Tunnel Beneath

Running from 2022-08-01 to 2022-11-02

Gu’as zombies from the Beardpit Mines (in the Deadlands) have been tunneling northwards for quite some time. They stumbled upon an ancient blue age rhulisti travel tube, which eventually deposited their excavators at a forgotten travel hub just underneath Altaruk. The PCs and the whole town now face an entity and a threat unlike anything they have ever seen before.

The Tunnel Beneath is an adventure for four 13th level PCs written for the 3.5 Dark Sun campaign setting rules system.

Unbound and Unleashed

Running from 2022-08-14 to 2022-09-23

A new type of undead has appeared in the Dead Lands– the Unbound. The Necrologium of Deshentarum has plans to test their capabilities by stealing an ancient treasure from their enemies in Shadowmourn.

Introduces character creation rules for a new type of undead PC called “The Unbound”.

Banner of the Ancestors

Running from 2022-08-04 to 2022-11-02

An artifact has been discovered which could tip the balance of power in the Dead Lands and the PCs must race to get it before it falls into the wrong hands.

Banner of the Ancestors is an adventure for four 13th level PCs written for the 3.5 Dark Sun campaign setting rules system.

The One Has Risen

Running from 2023-10-09 to 2023-11-09

The unthinkable has finally happened: during a raid of a new corpse mine, Disciples forces encountered a newly released krag of unimaginable power. Dubbed ‘The Chosen One’, his presence has incited the Disciples into declaring another crusade to cleanse the face of their god - and they have their sights set on the City of a Thousand Dead.

The Debt

Running from 2022-08-01 to 2022-11-02

The son of merchant chief Oglast is gravely ill and may soon die. Oglast needs truly exceptional heroes to repay a debt he incurred long ago in the Dead Lands.

The Debt is an adventure for four 9th level PCs written for the 3.5 Dark Sun campaign setting rules system.

The Gristler's Wagon

Running from 2022-10-22 to 2022-11-23

The party has been asked to investigate a strange gristler’s wagon in the elven markets, but what they find is entirely unexpected…

Escape from the Dead Lands

Running from 2022-12-21 to 2023-03-20

Held captive within the Mines of Deshentu, the PCs must find a way to escape before they become permanent residents of the Dead Lands.

A Fools Errand for the Tohr Kreen

Running from 2022-11-20 to 2023-01-21

A tohr-kreen sage has requested the PC’s aid. Having heard tell of another race of sentient insectoids, he wishes to investigate these rumors and will explore deep into the unfamiliar territory of the Dead Lands to do so…

The Key to It All

Running from 2022-12-06 to 2023-01-12

The heroes have found the lost activation phrases for the Mirror of the Ages. This sets them on a desperate scramble to find a way to protect themselves from the Dead Lords, forcing them to use the Mirror to search for their salvation in the ancient land of Ulyan.

The Bait

Running from 2023-01-15 to 2023-02-16

The Unbound’s patron has received a request that is too interesting to pass up: one of Gretch’s kings - Vassahi Eomwa - wants them to assassinate…himself!
An triple-cross assassination plot with a mystery to be solved. Are your players up to the challenge?

A Mother's Plea

Running from 2023-07-08 to 2023-09-07

Ahnthyarka has called upon the party to retrieve something from its brood-mate Agnakh, lost far to the east.

Jewel in the Hive

Running from 2023-02-21 to 2023-05-21

Harkor has made an uncharacteristic request for assistance. The mission will involve delving into the bugdead-controlled lands near ruined Shumash in search of his lost jewel: the Bright Talon.

Other Body Expreiences

Running from 2024-01-10 to 2024-02-14

Rumors come flowing out of the Kingdoms of Gretch that Queen Wujarrt has developed a new and powerful method of flawlessly controlling even the most powerful of undead, and the Necrologium must have this new device.