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Scale, Tail, and Claw - The Reptilian Peoples of Athas (STC)

Scale Tale And Claw Cover by Jane Bradley and Neujack

Announcing the Launch of “Scale, Tail, and Claw - The Reptilian Peoples of Athas”

After a year and a half of development, we are proud to release our first truly original rulebook in many years– Scale, Tail, and Claw - The Reptilian Peoples of Athas! In the spirit of Elves of Athas and Thri-Kreen of Athas, this accessory focuses on nine different sentient reptilian races unique to Athas and provides all the information needed for players and DMs of any edition of AD&D or D&D to bring them into their campaigns.

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About Scale, Tail, & Claw

Some have claimed Athas is a world more suited to reptiles and insects than mammals. You’ve certainly encountered many different reptilian races on the wastes. You’ve fought them or perhaps even traded with them. But what are the reptilian peoples of Athas really like?

Scale, Tail, and Claw explores the nature and cultures of nine different reptilian races unique to Athas, shedding light on their motivations, personalities, and the societies they have built on the fringes of humanoid civilization.

Come run a mile in the webbed feet of a silt runner, dance to the hypnotic rhythms of the nikaal’s psionic music, or feel the loving embrace of a Coil of the Sevenfold Serpent. There are many different ways to thrive on the edges of Athas if you live by the scale, tail, and claw!

Within this book you will find:

A players’ section detailing eveything players might need to enable them to create well-developed player characters, including each race’s physical attributes, special abilities, backgrounds, and languages. A DM’s section containing secrets, legends, locations, NPCs, and adventure hooks to help them better weave these races into their campaigns. A stats appendix containing rules and stats for multiple editions of AD&D and D&D.



CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Robert Adducci, Gabriel Eggers, Mark Hope, Stuart Lynch, Jack Meyer, June Soler, Yanick Moreau

EDITING AND FORMATTING Adam Cieszlak, Zach McKean, Jack Meyer

IMAGES/GRAPHICS Izhar Ben Yosef, Gabriel Eggers, Justin Etothel, Scott Harshabarger, Jack Meyer

CONTRIBUTING IMAGES Steve Bell, Mike Fleming

COVER ART Jane Bradley, Jack Meyer

Available now! Join us in celebrating the diversity and strength of Athas’s reptilian races. Your next adventure awaits with Scale, Tail, and Claw!

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