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Favorite Sorcerer-King

4th Edition Tyr

The 10th day of #30DaysofDarkSun is here and the question is "Who is your favorite sorcerer-king?".

Robert Schwalb,designer for 4th edition Dark Sun and creator of Shadow of the Demon Lord, had this to say, "Tectuktitlay. He’s pretty weak compared to the others and he has the distinction of being the dude who murdered all the wemics, an achievement that makes me chuckle."

I agree with Robert Schwalb, Tectuktitlay, he had a cool bit of history with his city, but he didn't see much use. It annoyed me that he killed the wemics, since I thought they would have made a perfect race for Athas.

Here's a great story about the fall of the wemics.


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