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This is it, October 2016. This month marks the 25th anniversary since Dark Sun was released in 1991! Can you believe it's been 25 years? I can't. I was recently invited on the Advantage to Insight podcast to talk about Dark Sun and then was invited back to do a trivia challenge vs Teos Abadia (Alphastream) (out soon) in honor of Dark Sun's 25th anniversary. With that I knew I had to do something in honor of this great setting that has meant so much to me.

I wanted to do something to get more fans involved in the anniversary so I thought it'd be great to celebrate for 30 days of the month by talking about Dark Sun and what our favorite aspects of it are. I encourage each of you reading this to write, blog, tweet your answers to these question each day. Tweet us at @Athasorg, post about them in the Arena, Dark Sun Facebook group, G+ Community, the Piazza forums, Reddit, or wherever you want to talk about Dark Sun.

If you post something on a blog leave a comment here and I'll be sure to link your blog article. Tag your tweets and posts with #30DaysofDarkSun. If you need a refresher on all of the great Dark Sun that's been produced, check out the Dark Sun collector's guide on ENWorld. In homage to the 30 Days of D&D and similar challenges I present to you the 30 Days of Dark Sun.

~Robert Adducci, Founder of the Burnt World of Athas website

30 Days of Dark Sun

  1. What is your favorite setting element of Dark Sun?
  2. Do you like the concept of Preserving or Defiling better?
  3. What's your favorite Dark Sun Trope?
  4. What is your favorite game mechanic/element?
  5. What is your favorite player race?
  6. What’s your favorite class?
  7. What’s your favorite element(earth, air, fire, water, paraelements are ok)?
  8. What’s your favorite psionics system/power?
  9. What is your favorite city-state?
  10. Who is your favorite sorcerer-king?
  11. Who is your favorite non-sorcerer-king villain?
  12. What is your favorite setting specific weapon?
  13. What is your favorite undead creature?
  14. What drew you to play Dark Sun?
  15. What is your favorite beast/animal?
  16. What is your favorite official character in the Dark Sun setting?
  17. What is your favorite elemental/elementaly themed creature? Including drakes and other elementally defined creatures.
  18. What is your favorite personal player character or non-player character you've created?
  19. What is your favorite humanoid?
  20. What's your favorite Dark Sun map?
  21. What is your favorite psionic creature?
  22. What is your favorite magic/psionic/living item?
  23. What’s your favorite adventure?
  24. What’s your favorite accessory?
  25. What’s your favorite novel or short story?
  26. What's your favorite individual piece of art?
  27. What non DS media captures Dark Sun well? Movies, books, comics, etc.
  28. When was your first game session? What happened?
  29. What’s your favorite promotional/rare item?
  30. What’s your favorite personal Dark Sun story?