The Burnt World of Athas

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160th King's Age

Guthay's Defiance (Free Year -2303)

Kalak, 2nd Champion of Rajaat kills the last of the ogres of Athas.

Ral's Reverence (Free Year -2302)

Gallard (later known as Nibenay), 6th Champion of Rajaat massacres the last of Athas's gnomes.

Ral's Reverence (Free Year -2302)

Keltis, Lizard Man Executioner arrives at Saragar despite the powers of the Mind Lords. The Mind Lord's cleverness hides the entire population of lizard men from the Champion, and he soon leaves the Last Sea.

Desert's Reverence (Free Year -2267)

The First Sorcerer orders the defiler Qwith to explore the workings of the Inner Planes as a possible means of power.

Wind's Fury (Free Year -2265)

The great cities of Ebe, Waverly, and Arala are swallowed by the expanding Silt Sea, though later it recedes from Waverly. The nearby city of Bodach is spared, but becomes surrounded by silt.

Mountain's Vengeance (Free Year -2263)

The warlord Irikos, the left hand of Rajaat, sacks the city of Bodach-but is killed at the conclusion of the battle. His sword (a creation of Rajaat's), the Silencer, is lost for 2,000 years.

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