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190th King's Age

Friend's Vengeance (Free Year -2)

A templar of Urik removes the golden circlet from the head of the Obsidian Man, which animates and kills him. The artifact is later traced through the streets of Urik, but disappears into the desert.

Desert's Slumber (Free Year -1)

After years of investigation into the death of Nerad, a preserver/psionicist named Korgunard learns of Oronis of Kurn. Though reluctant to have another death on his hands, Oronis gives him the preserver metamorphosis spell-but does not allow him to retain a copy.

Priest's Defiance (Free Year 1)

King Kalak of Tyr is slain by the Heartwood Spear through the combined efforts of Rikus, Agis, Neeva, Tithian, and Sadira. Tithian becomes the next king of Tyr and frees all slaves. Tyr adopts the Free Year calendar.

Wind's Reverence (Free Year 2)

Hamanu of Urik send his army to capture the iron mines of Tyr from the upstart king. In response Rikus forms the Crimson Legion and defeats the approaching army while wielding the Scourge of Rkard and the Belt of Kings. Afterwards Rikus takes the Crimson Legion to sack Urik in search of the Book of Kemalok Kings, but is defeated by Hamanu himself. The Crimson Legion is destroyed, though a few survived. Rikus returns the Belt of Kings to Kled, but is told to keep the Scourge.

Wind's Reverence (Free Year 2)

King Andropinis pays an extra 1,000 slaves to make up for Tyr's share of the levy.

Wind's Reverence (Free Year 2)

Aided by the Veiled Alliance of Urik, Korgunard becomes Athas's third avangion.

Dragon's Agitation (Free Year 3)

In an effort to protect Tyr from the Dragon, Sadira seeks out the Pristine Tower and its ancient magic. In return for her pledge to slay the Borys of Ebe the shadow giants of the Pristine Tower transform her into the Sun Wizard, giving her power akin to that of a sorcerer-king.

Dragon's Agitation (Free Year 3)

Avoiding Tyr, the Dragon attempts to take his yearly levy from the dwarven city of Kled. In the end he is driven off by Sadira and Rikus bearing his old sword the Scourge. During the battle Neeva gives birth to her mul son Rkard, named for the dwarven king who battled Borys 2,000 year ago.

Dragon's Agitation (Free Year 3)

For the next several years King Tithian of Tyr secretly supplies the Dragon with a levy of 1,000 slaves captured from outlying villages.

Mountain's Fury (Free Year 4)

The ancient artifact the Psionatrix is activated by the Order, a powerful organization of psionic purists, nullifying psionics across the Tablelands and causing thri-kreen to be driven into an insane frenzy.
The avangion Korgunard is slain while trying to convince members of the Order to deactivate the Psionatrix. One of the members, a halfling named Pakk, consumes the avangion's remains.
Deep within the recesses of the Dragon's Crown, the Psionatrix is deactivated and several members of the Order are slain. The remains of the artifact mysteriously disappear.

Silt's Vengeance (Free Year 6)

Lead by Queen Trinth, the Githyanki of the Astral Plane discover a way to safely breaches the Gray and invaded Athas from the Black Spine mountains. The githyanki's plans are foiled by a group of heroes that travel through the portal and kill the queen. With Trinth dead, the portal collapses.

Enemy's Slumber (Free Year 7)

The comet known as the Messenger fails to appear at the prescribe time, and many across the Tablelands take it as a sign of a forthcoming doom.

Ral's Reverence (Free Year 9)

Armed with information stolen from the dwarves of Kled, Tithian learns of the location of the hidden Dark Lens-with which he can become a sorcerer-king. Agis of Asticles catches up with him and reluctantly aids him in his quest. After the pair retrieve the Dark Lens, Tithian kills Agis.

Friend's Agitation (Free Year 10)

Dregoth returns to New Guistenal from the Outer Planes with aspirations of becoming a god. Unsure of the condition of Athas he sends his templars to the surface to learn the state of the Tyr region, learning too late the events that lead to the death of several fellow Champions.

Friend's Agitation (Free Year 10)

Sadira kills Abalach-Re with the broken tip of the Scourge of Rkard on the Ivory Plain. The sorcerer-queen's body is completely consumed by a black ooze leaking from the broken tip.

Friend's Agitation (Free Year 10)

Rikus of Tyr breaks the Scourge of Rkard a second time, this time in the snout of the Dragon. The sword again issues forth a black ichor that completely consumes Borys of Ebe.

Friend's Agitation (Free Year 10)

Tithian uses the Dark Lens to free Rajaat's substance from the Black Sphere, causing his essence to also be released from the Hollow. After 2,000 years of imprisonment the First Sorcerer is once again free. The result of escaping his prison destroys much of Ur Draxa in a grand explosion.

Friend's Agitation (Free Year 10)

In the ruins of Ur Draxa Rajaat battles his former Champions. Rajaat imprisons Andropinis of Balic in the Black, then grabs the Dark Lens from Tectuktitlay of Draj and crushes the sorcerer-king's skull. The remaining Champions scatter while Sadira steals the Dark Lens and heads for the Ring of Fire.
Sadira of Tyr discovers that the key to Rajaat's defeat is his shadow, which gives him substance. Using the Dark Lens, the young Rkard casts a sun spell it magnifying its power ten-fold. The resulting brilliance obliterates Rajaat's shadow and sends his essence back to the Hollow, while his body is boiled away by the heat of the spell.
Having been in contact with the Dark Lens as Rkard cast his spell, Tithian becomes mystically connected to the Black and Rajaat's elemental nature. The result is Tithian becoming the Cerulean Storm.
Sadira tosses the Dark Lens and the Scourge into the Ring of Fire, placing powerful wards around it so that no one can obtain the artifact and once again free the First Sorcerer.
As Rkard's spell lights up the sky, a great earthquake rocks the Tyr Region. The full force of the quake is centered west of the Tablelands beyond the Ringing Mountains. The resulting quake creates the Great Rift, a passage leading to the Crimson Savannah of the Kreen Empire.

Desert's Fury (Free Year 11)

The Wanderer discovers the lost halflings, the rhul-thaun, of the Jagged Cliff.

Priest's Contemplation (Free Year 12)

After leaving the Jagged Cliffs, the Wanderer travels north and learns of the Last Sea. There he discovers the bizarre land of the Mind Lords.

Priest's Contemplation (Free Year 12)

The Coruscation begins, the Day of Light prophesied by the dray when the blood of a thousand unbelievers runs in rivers at the feet of Dregoth. This sign is to bring about the coming of a new age where Dregoth is supreme.

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