The Burnt World of Athas

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8th World's Age

Ral's Defiance (Free Year -14028)

Nature-masters of Ty'agi attempt to expand the lifeforce of the ocean and accidentally create the Brown Tide-which brings about the end of the Blue Age.

Friend's Reverence (Free Year -14027)

Surviving nature-masters create the Pristine Tower to destroy the Brown Tide. This action changes the sun from blue to yellow, destroying the halfling civilization and bringing about The Rebirth.

Island's Agitation (Free Year -14026)

The new races of The Rebirth - humans, gnomes, dwarves, elves, and others - appear across the face of Athas. Great cities such as Tyr, Bodach, and Guistenal are founded to house the new races. Last use of "Island" and "Ocean" on the World's Age Calendar. Beginning of the Green Age.

Guthay's Fury (Free Year -14018)

First use of psionic powers by the races of The Rebirth.

King's Slumber (Free Year -13966)

Ruler of the rhul-thraun, High Lord Rhan Thes-onel, leaves the Jagged Cliffs to locate any rhulisti remaining on Athas. He never returns.

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