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A flood of psionics ...

Now released: The Psion class, the Tarandan Prestige class, and several feats for Wild Talents. Still being hammered out are the rules for Harbringers.

Also, if you haven’t looked at them yet, there are a large number of new psionic powers available in the unofficial section.

New classes

Just posted: an update to the Athasian Rogue. Also added is the Psychic Warrior and the Brute class (a rebranded Barbarian – rebranded to avoid some of the connotations of the Barbarian name.)

Followers should be a DM thing ...

After (more than a bit of) debate, the Desparation Followers ability has been removed from the Fighter class. DMs should feel free to impose something like that on the players of high level characters, but the rules should not impose that upon the DMs …


The first preview release of the Athasian Rogue is up. Near future: Psychic Harbringers, and the Psionic classes.

Thri-Kreen, again

YATkT – Yet Another Thri-kreen Tweak. They’re medium now, do less claw damage, have a progressing poison DC and two or three other tweaks.

Psion Powers

A display of Psionic Powers, including power lists for the Psion and Psychic Warrior, has been added to the Unofficial section. Something similar will be added under DS3, once powers start getting selected for inclusion in DS3…