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Kreen revision up

A revised version of the Thri-kreen has been posted. This is a non-advancing version of the race, with an ECL of +6. This one actually works out to the ECL we have assigned to it …


Made a few tweaks and clarifications to the Thri-Kreen’s trait descriptions.

Flavortext for Human has been added.

Kreen is fubar

Okay, after some discussion, it turns out that we’ve massively overpowered the Thri-Kreen. Consider the writeup to be depricated; a fix is under discussion. Expect a new version in a day or two.

Saved the biggest for last

I’ve reformatted the feats section of the DS3 rules, to try and keep it sorted out a bit more. There are some pages in there that are blank – that’s because we haven’t defined any feats of that type yet.

Thri-Kreen, Half-Giants and Humans (Flavortext still under contruction) have been finished, rounding out our previews of the races presented in AoH.

Templars and Bards, oh My

The Templar, and some associated bits – the “Secular Authority” Feat and new Diplomacy uses – have been uploaded.

And, on the flip side, the Bard has been posted. We’re looking for lots of feedback on this one…

Fun with Databases

Bit by bit, parts of the site are being moved into a database; hopefully, this should make the maintence load a bit easier. In the mean time, if you get hit with any error pages, contact me so I can debug and fix the problem.

One major area that’s going to benefit from this is the links page. Gab is maintaining this; contact him with anything you want to see added.
Update to the Mul preview
In behind the scenes news: We’re currently discussing what to do about the Bard and the Thri-Kreen. Expect the ‘Kreen soon. Expect the Bard when we agree on a way to balance a magicless version of the class.


In addition to the facelift, the directory structure has been readjusted. Apologies for the broken links, but this had to be done.
Added fiction section, populated with a few short stories.

Updates to the Unofficial section, with several new submssions.
Dwarf preview.
Other tweaks and changes too numerous to remember.


Cleric preview added.