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City State of Tyr

published by TSR

Product Description

Tyr has battled and bled for its freedom, throwing off the yokes of an insane sorcerer-king and slavery. The city stands poised on the brink of democracy, but has Tyr the strength to seize the future and shape it in the image of that freedom, or has the city merely traded one form of slavery for another?

City-State of Tyr addresses these matters and more. Within this 96-page booklet is the most complete, detailed description of Tyr's peoples, places, and plots ever. The premier city of the Dark Sun campaign setting now lies complete for an Athasian campaign's player characters. Learn the city's history, attend a Council meeting, wander the city's business districts, and explore the mysterious Under Tyr-the ancient ruins of the forgotten city upon which Tyr was built.

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