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The Crimson Sphere

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Product Description

Our first crossover book between Spelljammer and Dark Sun, based upon the original Crimson Sphere fanon work by Adam “Night Druid” Miller, who assisted with this expanded remake.

The Crimson Sphere lies far off the known space lanes. It is the home of Athas, the world of Dark Sun. This document details the crystal sphere around the world of Athas. Although there were once well-explored and documented routes to this sphere, they have been long unused. Traders and travelers alike have chosen to forget the sphere, for it is said to be cursed. In over two thousand years, few have journeyed to the Crimson Sphere, and far fewer still have returned. This sourcebook provides an interpretation of how such a sphere could exist, and why Athas has remained a remote and isolated location in the Spelljammer universe.


Published by the Pristine Tower Development Group

Original Concept and Advisory

Adam “Night Druid” Miller

Writing, Development, and Editing

Adam Cieszlak, Jack Meyer, Dave “PhDave” Milman

Cover Art

Scott Harshabarger

Interior Art

Izhar Ben Yosef, Jane Bradley, Jack Meyer, RedSpiderLily, Yanick Moreau

Ship Design Updates

Neil Cherriman

Graphics and Layout

Jack Meyer


Zach McKean

Star Map Concept

Zach McKean