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Battle Savage Desert Monsters

Born of a world scarred by ancient sorcery, the creatures of Athas are legendary for their ferocity, power and psionic talents. The deserts are merciless, and so are the monsters that roam the burning sands.

This Dungeons & Dragons game supplement features monsters usable in the Dark Sun campaign setting or any Dungeons & Dragons campaign world. It unleashes a horde of new monsters drawn from the harsh wastelands and desolate deserts of Athas, including monsters appropriate for all levels of play. Challenge your players with marauders such as braxats and silt runners, psionic predators such as id fiends, silk wyrms, and tembos, or creatures of defiling sorcery such as the Dragon and the corrupt sorcerer-kings. The world of Athas is home to a unique ecology of fierce desert beasts - and now they belong to your own game world, too!

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