The Burnt World of Athas

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Dark Sun Campaign Setting

published by Wizards of the Coast

Product Description

Fight to Survive a Ravaged World

Beneath a dying sun lies a world of sand and fire, a world of barbaric splendour and savage desolation. This is Athas, a dessert planet laid waste by unchecked sorcery and ancient wars. Immortal sorcerer-kings reign over the cities that remain, celebrating their tyranny with bloody arena games and brutal oppression. Cruel slavers and fierce raiders roam the wastelands in search of captives and plunder. Only the strongest heroes can endure the fury of the crimson sun.

This Dungeons & Dragons supplement introduces the world of the Dark Sun campaign. Everything you need to create Athasian heroes is included: the mul and thri-kreen character races; new builds for the fighter, warlock, battlemind and shaman classes; and a new character theme system that allows you to create gladiators, templars, dune traders and elemental priests. You'll also find a gazetteer of Athas full of mysterious locales to explore, an introductory adventure, and a full-color poster map of the Tyr Region -- the last vestige of civilisation.

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