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The Emissary

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Templars of Gulg and Nibenay, working in strange cooperation seek out heroes. The templars want to hire the heroes based on confirmed rumors that Dregoth is trying to make contact with mysterious kings in the south, kings of realms previously thought to be myths.What is to the south? Who is this Emissary meeting? Regardless it must not be good and the Emissary must be stopped from completeing his mission.

The Emissary pits the heroes against a powerful servant of Dregoth in a race against time to a distant southern land. They must compete with other mercenaries as well as the agents of the sorcerer-king of New Giustenal to prevent an evil conspiracy.

The Emissary is Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 adventure designed for 4 player characters of 14th level.

The Dead Lands

The Dead Lands cover quite a large area, easily as big as the entire Tablelands. Secrets of the Dead Lands is part of a 4 part series of books meant to describe in detail not only the unique undead of Athas, but the ancient nations of countless undead lurking on the Obsidian Plains just to the south of the Endless Dunes. The four books in the series are divided by content:

  1. Secrets of the Dead Lands(Available Now) provides a sourcebook and history of the entire setting. This is where you’ll find most of the descriptions and explanations for the current state of the Dead Lands and its inhabitants.
  2. Faces of the Dead Lands (Available from April 2022) provides all of the game rules and statistics for the areas mentioned in the other books. This includes NPC’s, unique magic items, and other major rules that might affect play.
  3. Terrors of the Dead Lands (Available now) provides the rules for monsters and NPCs as they appear in the setting. Since this was released years before the rest of these books, there is an addendum section to this book which has been added to Faces of the Dead Lands at the end.
  4. The Emissary (this book)) is the first introductory adventure set in the Dead Lands. Within you will find descriptions and stats for relevant NPCs relisted in their shortened form for efficiency.


2e Original Team

Original Design: Timothy Brown Original Development and Editing: Doug Stewart Editor: Gabriel Cormier (Gab) Story Development: Will Kendrick

3e Conversion Team 2007

3e Design, Development and Editing: Jon // Oracle, Brax, Gab Project Manager and Early Maps: Gabriel Cormier (Gab) Typography: Eric Advice and Assistance: Nathan Guest, Paul Liss (Dreadwinaard)

3.5e Update and Conversion Team 2021

Writing and Conversion: Adam Cieszlak Editing, Formatting, and Graphics: Jack Meyer Advisory: Austin Butcher, Sébastien Gamache, John Machielsen, Jason Wills-Starin Cover art: Edward Echavez Internal Maps: Jack Meyer, Yanick Moreau Contributing Artists: Jane Bradley, Bruno Lopez, June Soler Playtesters: Robert Adducci, Amber Anstead, Ben Anstead, Gunnar Culp, Jeremiah Forquer, Sofía Fernandez Rodriguez, Jason O’Mahony, Jon Sederqvist