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Psionic Artifacts of Athas

published by TSR

"Life-shapes are the wondrous tools of our ancient past. They are our heritage, our birthright. Cast off the dead. Use not the unliving tool. Our ancient glory can only be restored by embracing life, not death."

 "We are all that is left. We hold in our hands the fate of our people. The Rhul-thaun are the true fruit of the rhulisti tree. The life-shapes are what set us above the other races. Only we still know the secrets of life and how to shape it. Heed not the temptations for the powers of the mind, for they are amathema. Spurn the lesser races, for they are not of the true blood. Believe in the life-shapers, for only they can deliver you to the glory that is our birthright."

Loi Far-oneth, Rhul-thaun of the Jagged Cliffs

Incredible artifacts lie beneath the surface of the shifting sands of Athas, bringing great power to those strong enough to wield them. Power enough to overthrow a sorcerer-king. Power with a price?.

This 128-page accessory features:

  • Dozens of artifacts from the Prism Pentad series of novels, detailed here for the first time.
  • Mysterious life-shaped items?living items from the Blue Age of Athas.
  • Dozens of new magical items unique to Athas.
  • Random powers tables for creating your own Dark Sun artifacts or customizing the ones in this book.
  • Expanded and revised Dark Sun magical item tables.

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