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Bard, Redux

The bard has been updated with a new iteration of abilities. The poison-making rules will be presented as a part of a Craft(Poisonmaking) rule, to be posted at a later date.


As Brax points out, humans aren’t actually known for their tolerance. The flavortext for the humans has been updated to pull away from the rosy picture painted by DS2.

updated cleric

The Cleric has been updated. Of note, the weapon prohibitions have been lifted.

Updated Terrors ...

Version 1.1 of Terrors of the Dead Lands has been uploaded. This release incorporates changes that first appeared in the TotDL addendum, as well as some other alterations.

Behind the Veil...

We’ve posted, here and there in the DS3E section, notes on questions often asked by fans or explanations of decisions taken by the team. These little Q&A texts will appear at the end of the page, in the appropriate section. For example, see the thri-kreen entry or the wizard entry. We’ll add more and more of these as the conversion gets finalized.

and again ...

The kreen are revised. Again. Also lowered the Half-Giant ECL to +1.

In other news, final touches are being put on a revision of Terrors of the Dead Lands. Expect it in a few days.


Just uploaded the bard; it’s not a finished revision, but since some of us are vanishing for the holidays, we figured we’d put up the interim version …

Kreen revision up

A revised version of the Thri-kreen has been posted. This is a non-advancing version of the race, with an ECL of +6. This one actually works out to the ECL we have assigned to it …

Kreen is fubar

Okay, after some discussion, it turns out that we’ve massively overpowered the Thri-Kreen. Consider the writeup to be depricated; a fix is under discussion. Expect a new version in a day or two.