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Favorite Dark Sun Weapon

Bard's Friend by Brom

The 12th day of #30DaysofDarkSun is here and the question is "What is your favorite Dark Sun specific weapon?".

Along with races, classes, arcane and divine magic, being different, one of the cool aspects of Dark Sun were that weapons were different. They were made from non-metal materials and there were a bunch of new, non-standard, weapons. Most of the new weapons were made from materials in the setting rather than metal. Dragon Magazine #185 had a host of new weapons in the Arena Master's Arsenal Article by Tim Brown and the Gladiator's Handbook had a bunch of new weapons as well.

Personally I always like the Bard's Friend weapon. It was a very dangerous looking weapon and it could be concealed if one was proficient or used as a parrying weapon.

Robert Schwalb,designer for 4th edition Dark Sun and creator of Shadow of the Demon Lord, had this to say, "The Silencer of Bodoch. My character got this weapon in our campaign and used it to dig trenches when he got ticked off."