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What is your favorite personal player character or non-player character you've created?

Fire Cleric

The 18th day of #30DaysofDarkSun is here and the question is "What is your favorite personal player character or non-player character you've created?"

I've only played in a couple of Dark Sun games as a player, so I don't have a favorite Player Character, however, I've run many games and my favorite NPC is Kuur'Ta'All, a Preserver (Necromancer)/Fire Cleric. Check out Kuurt's background and game stats.

Here's Kuurt's description: Kurt could pass for either a short elf or a half-elf and dresses in supple Carru leather clothes died a dark red. Strapped to his pointing right arm is an obsidian wrist razor and on his other wrist a small bone buckler shield is strapped down. His head is covered in red flame-like markings that almost look to be scars, bright red stubble obscures the markings somewhat. And his coal black eyes shine in the mid-day sun. Several pieces of jewelry adorn his body including several bone and obsidian rings on both hands, a necklace with bone and obsidian chips, obsidian earrings, and a thin obsidian bar through the bridge of his nose. A large disk of obsidian hangs around his neck with some kind of red stone in the shape of a flame emblazoned on the disk. A pack is strapped to his back as well as a long bow. A quiver of arrows rest on his left hip and an obsidian knife is tucked into his belt on his right side.</p>

His coal black eyes gleam with both purpose and direction. His firm jaw sometimes reminds others of a noble's or templar's and gives him a look of seriousness at all times, but his kind smile show his soft heart. His expressions and demeanor are often that of a veteran campaigner, but his skin could not have seen more than 25 summers.


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