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What is your favorite humanoid?

Tarek by Baxa

The 19th day of #30DaysofDarkSun is here and the question is "What is your favorite humanoid?"

One of the interesting aspects of Dark Sun was the lack of many standard fantasy races and the addition of many new races. Of the new races the Nikaal and the Tarek always interested me. I wrote about Nikaal briefly in the Pitted Rock Nikaal article.

The Tarek received a more in-depth write up for an article originally written for Dragon magazine that never saw the light of day, but we were allowed to post fully as the Ecology of the Tarek.

Ecology of the Tarek intro

With strong brows, long arms, thick hides, and a maw full of sharp teeth, tareks are well adapted to the wastes of Athas. These large brutish beings are a terror to behold; sweeping down on unknowing caravans with the blessings of their earth shamans upon them. Of the many races that wander the Tablelands, tareks have a bond with earth and stone like no other. It is whispered by those who know of such things that the tarek people were created by a fearsome entity of elemental earth.

Read the full Ecology of the Tarek.


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