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What is your favorite Dark Sun map?

Tyr 2nd edition

The 20th day of #30DaysofDarkSun is here and the question is "What is your favorite Dark Sun map?"

The cartography of Dark Sun is probably one of the unsung heroes of the setting. Dark Sun maps have run the gamut from the novel cloth map included in the revised boxed setting and the rare cloth map released for the 4th edition setting, to the fantastic fan works like the interactive map on and the immense fan project of a world map.

While all of the above are amazing, I really appreciated the penchant for mapping out individual cities, street by street. In 2nd edition, the maps of Tyr, Nibenay, and Gulg were so detailed I felt like you could dictate who lived in each individual building! This was brought forward with the 4th edition books when we got more detailed maps of Urik, Balic, Raam, and Draj as well.

Of all of the city-maps, I like the maps of Tyr and 2nd and 4th edition the best, each for their own details and style.

Tyr 4th edition