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What’s your favorite accessory?

Raiders of the Chanth Dungeon #44

The 24th day of #30DaysofDarkSun is here and the question is "What’s your favorite accessory?"

This is a difficult one. There are so many good accessories, pretty much all of the supplements that came out immediately after the first boxed set were instrumental in adding to the lore of Athas. Slave Tribes, Dune Trader, Veiled Alliance, Valley of Dust and Fire, City-State of Tyr, Earth, Air, Fire, & Water, Elves of Athas, The Will and the Way, Terrors of the Desert, and Terrors Beyond Tyr were all top notch.

Because of its inclusion of the Trader class, I have to go with Dune Trader. The Trader class and the Trade houses are central to Athas' civilization. The details of how each of the major trade houses did business as well as the resources each house and location could marshal really gave a depth to the major houses of the Tyr region. The lists, costs, and rarity of trade goods in each city-state was another point of immersion that you do not see in most modern rpg setting.


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