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Issue #294 of Dragon Magazine had an article called "Words to live by - using catchphrases to distinguish your PC". This is the Athasian equivalent of that article. A clever catchphrase could be the trademark of your character - an enrichening roleplaying element.

Catchphrases by race:

1. "Kraaaah!"
2. "The wind is our ally, not our enemy."
3. "I'll bet my tailfeathers on it!"
4. "I'm not going in there."
5. "My birdbrain is superior to your brain."

1. "Impossible you say? I'll do it."
2. "Stay focused."
3. "How will you run after I break your legs?"
4. "No pain, no gain."
5. "If you strike me down I will haunt you for eternity."

1. "What else did you expect from a human?"
2. "There is no problem I can't outrun."
3. "As graceful as a dwarf tied up in a cage."
4. "You're starting to bug me."
5. "This is more fun."

1. "I don't need your help."
2. "Best of both worlds."
3. "My [insert animal] would've done it better!"
4. "Is that a challenge?"
5. "I challenge you."

1. "Me no get it."
2. "You think. I do."
3. "Because I'm bigger than you."
4. "What is so funny?"
5. "You do what you do. I do what you do."

1. "I wonder what that tastes like!"
2. "There is so much you do not understand."
3. "Hey, that's my food!"
4. "Nature calls."
5. "We halflings must stick together."

1. "As trustworthy as an elf!"
2. "By the Dragon's fury!"
3. "If the opportunity is there, take it."
4. "If it has pointy ears, don't trust it."
5. "I might not know much, but at least I learn quickly."

1. "Hey, hairball."
2. "We're going to rest already?"
3. "Violence is the way!"
4. "Touch my weapons and die."
5. "Trust will get you in trouble."

1. "The Earth Mother grieves and so do I."
2. "Our paths have crossed for the last time."
3. "By my cousin Ptellac's scaly toes!"
4. "Because I have bigger teeth than you do."
5. "What do you mean you don't serve flies?"

1. "Perhaps I [click] eat you, yes?"
2. "The hunt begins."
3. "Click!"
4. "I thought you were dead."
5. "Packmate!"

Catchphrases by class:

1. "I only kill for money."
2. "I know nothing. I'm from [insert city state]"
3. "Pleasure before business."
4. "I would never dream of poisoning *you*"
5. "You'll be more charming when you're dead."

1. "Anyone got a plan? No? Good!"
2. "This is going to hurt."
3. "Here's what's gonna happen. My fist - your teeth."
4. "You got a problem with that?"
5. "You don't want me to lose my temper."

1. "Let the [insert element] embrace you!"
2. (fire, swearing): "You're all full of it."
3. (earth, swearing): "Airhead!"
4. (air, swearing): "Dirtbag!"
5. (water, sarcastic swearing): "Well done!"

1. "Leave that plant alone or else..."
2. "Get off my land!"
3. "Naturally."
4. "The spirits are angry."
5. "Cast a spell, mage, and it will be your last."

1. "I'll lead us to victory!"
2. "Charge!"
3. "Hold the line!"
4. "[formation name, e.g. "square"] formation!"
5. "I challenge you!"

1. "Laugh while you still can."
2. "I thirst for your blood!"
3. "You fought like the Dragon."
4. "No mercy!"
5. "Well, I've fought a(n) !"

1. (egoist): "Stand still so I can hit you!"
2. (nomad): "Did you miss me?"
3. (savant): "Let's settle this with a coin toss."
4. (seer): "Let me see."
5. (shaper): "The right tool for the right job."

Psychic warriors
1. "It's all in the wrists."
2. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."
3. "You think too much."
4. "Dragon's claw!"
5. "I have yet to be beaten."

1. "I've known mekillots brighter than you."
2. "Watch me disappear."
3. "We're walking in circles."
4. "I'm not impressed."
5. "That is no ordinary rock."

1. "It was the elf. I saw it."
2. "It wasn't me."
3. "It takes a thief to catch a thief."
4. "Smart, but not smart enough."
5. "The law is to be interpreted as it is written. The law states that it is illegal to read and write. Doesn't that make practicing the law illegal?"

1. "You're under arrest."
2. "In the name of [insert sorcerer-king's name]"
3. "Slave!"
4. "I am the law!"
5. "This is a direct violation of code 1-D section B"

1. "It's getting hot in here."
2. "I'm looking for some... pottery."
3. "I hate wizards!"
4. "Even the Dragon fears me! Why else isn't it here?"
5. "My [insert familiar] has a better idea."