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This is a version of the resource which will be expanded and edited, but it should give you plenty of tavern names in the meantime! Begin by rolling a d10 on the Naming Scheme chart. After that, roll on the appropriate charts to fill in the blanks for the tavern name.

d10 Naming Scheme
1 The MATERIAL ANIMAL(ie, The Emerald Jozhal)
2 The COLOR ANIMAL (ie, The Blue Mekillot)
3 The EMOTION ANIMAL (ie, The Laughing Kirre)
4 The EMOTION PERSON (ie, The Lost Bard)
5 The PERSON & ANIMAL (ie, The Elf& Inix)
6 The ANIMAL's DWELLING (ie, The Tigone's Den)
7 The PERSON's DWELLING (ie, The Halfling's Cage)
8 The THING & THING Inn (ie, The Sun & Star Inn)
9 The MATERIAL ITEM (ie, The Crystal Dagger)
10 The THING ITEM Tavern (ie, The Sunkettle Tavern)
Die Roll MATERIALS (d10) COLORS (d10) EMOTIONS, ETC (d10) ANIMALS (d10) DWELLINGS (d5) PEOPLE (d10) THINGS (d8) ITEMS (d10)
1 obsidian black laughing kirre den dwarf flame blade
2 ebony white grinning kank alcove elf sand mug
3 stone crimson smiling falcon cage giant moon ladle
4 wooden red happy mekillot lair halfling sun kettle
5 alabaster blue angry inix cave mul star fist
6 turquoise green jovial dragon kreen silt dagger
7 glass yellow drunken tigone templar shadow spoon
8 ceramic golden running spider gith wind tankard
9 crystal silver lost roc slave keg
10 emerald purple sleeping jozhal bard table


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