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As most of you guys know, I did the majority of the black and white interior art for the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting known as Dark Sun. It was a great setting created by Tim Brown and Troy Denning with cover art by Brom and line drawings by me.

Baxa Thri-Kreen from the original boxed set.
Dark Sun Baxa Thri Kreen Original Boxed Set by Tom Baxa
Brom and I created the look and flavor of Dark Sun, a gritty post-apocalyptic feeling desert world wrought with tyrannical villains and lotsa awesome creatures.

One of the races that you could play as a player character was the ThriKreen. They were an insectoid race based on characteristics of a praying mantis. If memory serves, Brom did the original design of the ThriKreen and I built off of that, making them more insectoid and leaner with a long abdomen. This is the drawing I did of them for the original Dark Sun Boxed Set way back in 1991.

Since I was the one doing the majority of the illustrations for Dark Sun, many of them containing ThriKreen, this became the established look for the race in the first version of Dark Sun.

A Thri-Kreen wielding a gythka and a two handed sword. ThriKreen Warrior Copyright Thomas M. Baxa 2010
Thri-Kreen Commission by Tom Baxa

To this day, people still love Dark Sun and are inspired by the work that Brom and I did on the series. I wanted to share this pencil drawing of a ThriKreen warrior with you that I did a couple years back as a private commission. Dark Sun forever!

The full size images are attached below.

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BaxaArt Banner, 2014 Header
BaxaArt Banner by Tom Baxa