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Client Villages of Tyr

Lynne Abbey introduced the concept of client villages for the city-state of Urik.This article brings us details of Tyr's client villages.

Tyr Client Villages By Mark Hope by Logarium

Scale, it’s 15 miles between West Wall and Greybridge.


A dried-out elliptical lake-bed filled with bones. Fish, amphibians and other aquatic life are plentiful but close examination reveals the bones of humanoids among them. The lake-bed is under the effect of a permanent antimagic shell due to an ancient catastrophe. Only psionic enchantments will work here.


A pair of ominous crags that rise over the rocky badlands south of the Tyr Valley. They are home to a band of gith calling themselves the Dragon Horde, led by a wily old war-chief called Tuarg Broken-Fang. See DS4e Campaign Setting.


A sizeable ishi moth plantation on the valley’s southern edge, Forlin is owned by Mandalis of The Order (see City-State of Tyr). He runs it as a successful business with the assistance of the extended Forlas family, many of whom he has tutored in The Way.


A fortress established by House Ianto during the economic crisis caused by Kalak. It is well guarded because some members of the House still trade in slaves from here.


The outermost bastion of Tyr, this fort is manned by guards and templars and watches over the Iron Road. The actual bridge for which it is named is in ruins now, its broken foundations standing either side of where the eoad runs through a long-dry river bed.


The estate of one of Tyr’s oldest noble families. They refused to move closer to the city as Tyr’s verdant belt shrank and are now isolated upon the scrub plains that remain.


Tyr’s iron mine, source of much of its wealth. The final approaches to the mine are well guarded and the length of the road is frequently patrolled. See City-State of Tyr.


A small village in the northern reaches of the valley, set around a small oasis, the trees of which are home to large colonies of bats. Three druids watch over this area, venturing into the valley to deal with issues as needed.


An ishi moth plantation run by House Taricles. Disinterested in city politics and with their holdings growing, the family moved their operations to this new location.


Set on a small mesa, the village of Torwald is home to several families of erdlu and z’tal herders. They allow their flocks to graze on the scrub plains by day and corral them on the mesa by night. A track leading to Gunginwald is just north of the village.


Just on the edge of Tyr’s verdant belt, Vanthur has long been home to generations of kip farmers. Immense herds are fenced in here and the place is well guarded as a result.


A crumbling old fort, home to wandering tribes of erdlu herders, West Wall stands empty most of the time but is occupied by tribesfolk as needed. A road runs west into the Ringing Mountains but is soon lost among the trackless peaks.