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” It was a very long day,and the 4 belgoi terroists thretaning Balic had been very powerful. We set off for Raam,in order to carve out a territiory to live in and get rich in.Setting off, we were loaded down with many flasks of water,as we had not got a caravan to escort us,but we were powerful. Or so we thought. We had set across the desert,fighting off the few, snakelike giths,and never was a threat.As we headed on, we saw a clear,conical creature.It slithered to us,and Jassam, my elven mindbender companion made the fatal mistake of trying to contact the thing he was soon drained of his psionic strength and driven mad.doran,a pterran warrior charged the beast,swinging his stone axe,but the thing crawled over him and suffocated him.I recited a common spell conjuring a arrow made of acid. as i ripped my energy away from the land,the weak,sorry land,and hit it with the arrow and fled.I know not where my companions are,or how they are even. All I know is I never wish to see that thing again!”

Arous,Mad Defiler “The Lost Shapes”


Climate/Terrain: Desert/Tyr Region Orginization: Solitary Activity Cycle: Constant Diet: Psionic Strength Points Treasure: Incidential Alignment: N/A No# Appearing: 1 Armor Class: 4 Movement: 18 Hit Dice: 7+4 THAC0: 15 No Of Attackts: 1 Dmg/attack: Absorb

Special attacks/defenses: See Below MR: nil Size: Large 10-12 ft tall Morale: 20 Intilligence: unknown

XP: 7,000

Psionics:Mac 8, Mthaco 18

A Psiconic is a creature, which was made in the green age to hunt and kill fledgling members of the order. To do so they were made able to drain PSP’S, they have to make a MTHAC0 Roll in order to “latch on” to its victimâ’s mind. After doing so, it can drain 1d20 PSP’S a round. If its target is reduced below 0 PSP’S the victim goes mad

The psiconic is a clear, conical being which is now forced to prey on any psionic being it meets. It can also seep into a dead victims body and control it as a zombie.