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Expanded Random Encounters Repost #3 - Sandy Wastes

This Net Project was originally compiled by ArcoJedi. Many of the entries were taken from the Dark Sun Mailing list. The Expanded Random Encounters net.project brings otherwise sometimes boring random encounters to life. Giving them more realism than "you walk around the bend to see 4 gith standing in the middle of the road with weapons drawn".

This week, we feature encounters in Sandy Wastes.

Id Fiend

Sandy Wastes

Description: This week in the Sandy Wastes, the wind blows constantly, damaging exposed skin for 1 hit point a day.

The id fiend has been keeping a watch for prey. It will follow the PCs until after sunset so that its fear attack works a little better. The id fiend can affect up to 15 HD of creatures, within a range of 60’. All affected must roll a save vs. paralyzation at a base penalty of -5. For every two experience levels beyond 5th level, this penalty is decreased by 1 (-4 at 7th level, -3 at 9th level, etc.). Those succeeding at their saving throws are unaffected. Those who fail are tormented by their greatest fears, creating a significant impediment to their combat abilities. All affected creatures add +1 to their initiative rolls and suffer a -2 penalty to all attack and damage rolls. Mages affected by the fear power must make a successful intelligence check in order to successfully cast any spells, while affected priests must pass Wisdom checks when casting spells. All of the above effects last for 5 rounds.

Id Fiend (5+5 HD/N) {saves: 10 12 10 12 13} AC 6; MV 12; HD 5d8+5; hp 30; THAC0 15; #AT 3 or 2; Dmg 1d6/1d6/1d8 (claw/claw/bite), 1d8/1d8 (tail/bite); SA fear attack; SZ L (10’ long); Int 13; ML 11 Psionics Summary: Dis 3/Sci 4/Dev 12; PSPs 140 Att: EW, MT, PB, PsC; Def: MBk, TS, MB, TW #AT 3/2, MTHAC0 14, MAC 8 Clairsentience: Sciences - aura sight; Devotions - combat mind, danger sense, poison sense Psychometabolism: Sciences - death field; Devotions - biofeedback, double pain, flesh armor, heightened senses Telepathy: Sciences - domination, mindlink; Devotions - aversion, awe, inflict pain, life detection, send thoughts XP: 420

Description: Light tan-mottled skin to match the sands.

Jinda Family

Stony Barrens, Sandy Wastes, Rocky Badlands, Mountains, Scrub Plains, Salt Flats by Teos Abadia

Description: Two months ago, a caravan was being driven by a family heading out towards the nearest city-state, from their home village. The family was taking a particularly bountiful crop to the city for trading. This represented all of the family’s riches. During the trip, the caravan was ambushed by raiders from a small group known as the Tattered Flag. The raiders surrounded the caravan and the family was forced to surrender. Not content, the raiders then killed the children out of sheer malice. The father, who had always been non-violent, knew that he and his wife would be next. He went into a rage and killed three raiders before he was brought down. The site of the battle remains as it was two months ago, for a reason that will soon become apparent.

Read the following aloud to the PCs: “As you crest the next hill, you can see the blocky shape of a caravan wagon on the horizon. There are no inix or kanks hitched to the small wagon, and you can see no movement through the wind-blown sand and grit.”

Most likely, the PCs will want to investigate. If they don’t, the encounter ends. Otherwise continue reading:

“*As you approach, details of the family-sized wagon become a little more clear. It’s been here a while, possibly several weeks, as it seems the blowing sand has piled close to the broken-down wheels. A few broken arrows and crossbow bolts stick out of the wagon’s sides, and the leather stripping is cut in several places. At this point, you notice the humanoid skeletal remains laying sprawled out on the ground off to the side.

Now that you see them, a quick count reveals that there are four human skeletons: two adult-size skeletons and two that are smaller. Their deaths must not have been pleasant if their poses after death are anything to judge*.”

At this point, before the PCs actually reach the wagon, they should notice the wind dying down a little and the scene growing quiet. Even the PCs’ own footsteps are almost inaudible. As their ears adjust to the silence, the PCs hear small shrill voices and laughter. It sounds like the unabashed giggling of two children playing. The sound seems to come from over near the wagon at first, then behind, then right, then left, then right again. Then the PCs see a small human boy-child dart from behind a section of the caravan (roll for surprise). The boy plays peek-a-boo, poking his head out to see the PCs and then hiding.

The PCs will be confronted by the two children, a boy and girl. They play around the area, as the vastness and bleakness of the Gray has not allowed a reunion with their parents, and they haunt this area still. If you have ever baby-sat two rowdy kids, you should be able to role-play this encounter well. The children will continue to play, but will eventually want the PCs to join in. If the PCs refuse, they will whine and beg and eventually throw a tantrum (attacking any and all PCs in the process). They have limited psionic powers of telekinesis and will use these to strike the party with objects or to cause mishaps. If attacked, they will cry out in pain. On the other hand, if at least two of the PCs humor the children and help them, they will laugh loudly and be very happy. The DM might continue to embellish the supernatural elements as things progress. For example, one child might become transparent or insubstantial and walk through a caravan wall or rise from the ground. Be patient and make this scene take some time. Children often expect adults to be tireless and play forever. Adults often grow tired of playing, and the PCs may very well try to end the games. The children won’t want the games to stop.

If the children cry, the parents (in the Gray) will hear their call and be attracted to their location. The parents will attack the PCs, presenting a formidable challenge. If the party defeats the parents, the children will disappear. If the PCs “kill” the children, the parents will gain additional powers and will be visibly changed.

If the children are laughing due to the PCs’ actions, the parents will also hear, and will return to find their children, appearing as semi-substantial apparitions that mourn their undead state. They will tell their tale, show the party a secret compartment in the caravan that holds a family heirloom (ring, non-magical jewelry, not too expensive), and tell the PCs what the raiders of the Tattered Flag look like. Should the party defeat the raiders, the family will rest easier, but will also be attuned to the PCs. If the PCs are in grave danger some time in the future, the family may respond.

Parents: Mom, Dad (former humans/1 HD undead/CN) {saves: 14 16 15 17 17} AC 9; MV 12; HD 1d10; hp 7, 7; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg 0; SA psionics, audible glamer spell (PHB 131); SD incorporeal, invulnerable to sleep, hold, charm, energy drain, death spells, gas and poisons; SZ M; ML 16 Equipment: None; all of the family’s equipment and weapons were stolen by the raiders. Psionics Summary: Dis 1/Sci 1/Dev 3; PSPs 40 MTHAC0 20, MAC 10 Telekinesis: Science - telekinesis (MAC 8, cost 3+/1+); Devotions - control body (6, 8/4), control sound (5, 5/2), molecular agitation (10, 7/3) XP: 1,400 each / 2,000 each after transformation

Description: The two parents have the same exact powers and abilities. Mom and Dad, being non-violent people in life, have gained a certain code of honor in death. They desire to avoid killing and to a certain extent wish to avoid violence as well. They use their audible glamer ability combined with their control sound ability to fool the party into thinking they are calling something much more powerful to their aid to scare the PCs away.

Note: If the PCs “kill” the children, the parents’ appearance will become instantly more menacing and they will gain the ability to cause paralysis with their touch (save vs paralysis, lasts for 2d4 rounds). Also, their alignment changes to evil and they cease rolling for morale. Even if in this state the two are still bound by their code of honor.

Children (former humans/1 HD undead/N) {saves: 16 18 17 20 19} AC 10; MV 12; HD 1d6+2; hp 5, 5; THAC0 20; #AT 2; Dmg 1d2/1 (small rocks); SA psionics, audible glamer spell (PHB 131); SD incorporeal, invulnerable to sleep, hold, charm, energy drain, death spells, gas and poisons; SZ S; ML 10 Equipment: little stone toys Psionics Summary: Dis 1/Sci 1/Dev 3; PSPs 20 MTHAC0 20, MAC 10 Telekinesis: Science - telekinesis (MAC 8, cost 3+/1+); Devotions - control body (6, 8/4), control sound (5, 5/2), molecular agitation (10, 7/3) XP: 1,400 each

Tattered Flag Raiders

Kralgow (male tarek/5th-level earth shaman/LE) AC 7; MV 12; HD 5d8; hp 17; THAC0 18 (14); #AT 2 or 1; Dmg 1d4/1d4 (fists), 1d6+9/1d6+9 (handfork); SA spells, control undead, psionics, +3 att, +7 dmg; SD fight past death (-9 hp); SZ M; ML 13 S 19, D 12, C 9, I 9, W 14, Ch 15 {saves: 9 13 12 15 14} Equipment: obsidian handfork +3 [spd1], holy stone symbol, 40cp Psionics Summary: Dis 2/Sci 2/Dev 7; PSPs 30 Att: MT, PsC; Def: MBk, TS #AT 1, MTHAC0 18, MAC 7 Clairsentience: Sciences - true sight; Devotions - combat mind, martial trance, psionic sense Telepathy: Sciences - mindlink; Devotions - ESP, invisibility, inflict pain, psychic blade Spells: 5/3/1 command, cure light wounds, magical stone, merciful shadows, sanctuary/dust devil, hold person, silence 15’ radius/stone shape XP: 2,000

Description: Kralgow is the leader of the Tattered Flag raiders.

Note: As part of his Tarek Earth Shaman ability he can temporarily enchant a weapon up to +3 enchantment. His obsidian handfork is a special species weapon none of the PCs have likely seen before. The enchantment on the handfork will wear off in 200 days.

Tattered Flag Raiders (5) (mixed/3rd-level thieves/NE) AC 7; MV 12; HD 3d6; hp 15, 13, 11, 11, 10; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6/1d3 (club), 1d6/1d8 (spear); SA/SD thief skills; SZ M; ML 13 S 9, D 14, C 11, I 12, W 12, Ch 13 {saves: 13 14 12 16 15} Equipment: club [spd4], spears (6)[6], studded leather [AC=7], treasure: K, O (each) Psionics Summary: Nil, MAC 10 Thieving Skills: backstab x2 XP: 120 each

Wandering Priest

by Daniel J. Bandera

Description: This encounter should be used either just after a battle when the party needs healing, when the characters are lost in the desert and in need of water, or for players who are just very curious.

As the midday sun beats down on their heads, the characters travel down the trough of a sand dune. Looking up, they spot the lone figure of a man walking alone along the crest of the next dune. Unless the characters have been making a lot of noise, the man will not have noticed them. The characters have one round to act before the man sees them. The man appears to be middle-aged, with brown hair streaked through with gray. His haggard face is unshaven with three days of growth of his beard. He is dressed in torn blue robes of a water priest. Observant characters will notice a wooden medallion, carved with the image of water, hanging from a string around his neck.

As soon as he notices the characters, the man shouts for them to stay away, thrusting his hands out as if to prevent them from moving closer. “I can’t help you! Go away! Leave me be! I said I cannot help you!” If the characters approach the man, he backs away trying to keep the characters from getting near him. If the characters continue to ask for help or why he will not help them, the man will answer, “I can’t help you. I can’t help anyone anymore,” and looks as if he will bolt at the slightest provocation. He continues to back away from the party, unless they can stop him verbally. If they try to stop him physically, he runs away screaming at them to leave him alone.

If the characters can’t calm him down and assure him that they do not want any help from him, the man will run off immediately. If asked his name, he responds: “My name is Moztoc.” The characters can note by his name and appearance that he is Draji. If asked why he cannot help anyone, he responds, “I can’t. Not any more.” If probed, he continues, “I use to help anyone. But now, every time I try to help someone, they just come to harm.” after a moment’s pause, in almost a whisper “He sees to that.”

If asked who sees to it, Mostoc becomes very agitated and says, “I cannot tell you. He’ll hear and then he’ll get angry. He could be anyone. He could be you,” he says, pointing to one of the characters, “or you,” pointing to another. “He could be that,” pointing to a small cloud of sand blown up by the wind a short distance from him. “He could be anywhere or anything. Anyone I help, he hurts. Anyone I tell, he kills. He sees everything. He hears everything.” A sudden pause. “I’ve said too much.” He turns his head to the left, “No. NO! I have not told them. Leave them be!” He turns his head to the other side, “Dammit! Leave me alone!” With this the man turns and runs off.

The characters will need to chase Mostoc down if they wish to hear more. He will tire quickly and the characters can catch up to him in a few rounds. The characters may try to use many ways to discover who is tormenting the priest. Magical and psionic detection do not reveal any danger in the area, and Moztoc refuses to say any more about his tormentor. One of the characters may decide to use psionics to either probe Moztoc’s mind or to mindlink with him to ask him questions so that he will not need to answer out loud. Both approaches will work, as he has no psionic defenses, and the character will learn Moztoc’s story.

Moztoc’s Story: Moztoc is a water priest who tended a small shrine at an oasis near Draj. There he helped the wounded and needy who came to seek his help, until 6 months ago. He had just returned to the oasis grievously wounded from a dangerous journey on which he saw his close companion and fellow priest of water killed by a fire drake. Moztoc took many days to recover from his wounds. During this time, many people in need of healing traveled to the oasis. They remained at the shrine, waiting for him to recover.

After three days, Moztoc had recovered enough to start to see to the needs of these people. However, anyone he healed came back moments later with a new wound. Some were inexplicably thrown from their calm mounts, others received mysterious burns, and others claimed that a rock, dagger or other weapon had flown through the air at them. The more Moztoc tried to help, the worse the people became. Some were racked with immense pains and were unable to move, and others collapsed and could not be roused. Moztoc began to hear laughter in his head.

As his failure to help his patients continued, a voice in his head began to mock him. “Look at the results of your efforts. You try to restore these people to health, just as you claim to try to restore Athas. But you are a failure. Your element is weak, and cannot help these people. It has failed them and you. Now, I will help these people, and they shall burn!” With that, the shrine caught fire. Moztoc tried to drag the people from the shrine, as none could move on their own, but he was too weak. The flames never touched him but everyone else was killed as the shrine burnt to the ground. It was during the fire that Moztoc had his first and only vision of his tormentor. The fire devil, as he calls it, was a black silhouette against the fire that cackled with glee and danced around the hut as it burned.

The next day, the water in the pond began to boil and evaporated. The rest of the oasis soon died. Since then, Moztoc has wandered the wastes, trying to remain away from human contact, for every time he enters a small village or meets another traveler, they recognize him as a water priest and ask for his help. And every time he helps them, the people he helps end up worse off than they were before.

After telling his story, Moztoc asks the characters to leave him, as he does not think the characters can help him.

Description: The “fire devil” is Ttaloc, Moztoc’s former friend and water priest. When Ttaloc died, he rose as a krag, and is now terrorizing his former friend. Unlike other krags, Ttaloc is not corporeal. His insubstantial body can pass through any barrier. His body appears as it did in death, charred black by flames. From a distance, this gives him a shadowy appearance. The burns make him unrecognizable to even Moztoc, but Ttaloc does not realize this and tries to prevent his friend from seeing him too closely. Ttaloc is tied to Mostoc and cannot travel more than half a mile from his friend’s location. He feels compelled to punish the priest, but will not kill Moztoc. Neither of them are aware of it, but if Moztoc is killed, Ttaloc will cease to exist.

Ttaloc will attack anyone who receives aid from Mostoc, using his psionics to harm them. Ttaloc will attack anyone that Moztoc tells his story to, and attempt to kill them. If one of the characters used psionics to learn Moztoc’s story, he will not have tricked Ttaloc. He maintains constant psionic contact with Moztoc, and can read his mind at will. Ttaloc will have detected the character’s attempt and will attack that character. He will not attack outright at first, but will instead use his psionics to injure the character. While Ttaloc may cause harm to other characters, he will only seek to kill those characters who actually know about him. If a character who knows about him attempts to leave the 1/2 mile area around Mostoc, Ttaloc will appear and attack physically to stop his victim from escaping. Anyone who is farther than 1/2 mile from Moztoc will have escaped Ttaloc’s wrath, until they reenter the area.

Ttaloc (male human krag/8-level cleric.water/CE) {saves: 7 9 8 8 10} –AC 4; MV 12; HD 11; hp 64; THAC0 12; #AT 2; Dmg 1d6/1d6 (claw)[3]; SA elemental transfusion, flame strike, psionics; SD immune to fire, insubstantial, invisibility, psionics; SZ M; MR 20%; ML 15 Equipment: Almost all of Ttaloc’s worldly possessions were destroyed during the fire drake attack. There are four gemstones that survived. These are currently in the possession of the fire drake {ornamental tiger eye (15cp), 2 semi-precious sardonyx (75cp), diamond (15gp)}. Psionics Summary: Dis 3/Sci 4/Dev 12; PSPs 100 Att: EW, II, PB; Def: MB, TS, TW #AT 3/2, MTHAC0 14, MAC 5 Telepathy: Sciences - mindlink; Devotions - awe, conceal thoughts, ESP, inflict pain Clairsentience: Sciences - clairvoyance; Devotions - all-round vision, danger sense, radial navigation Psychokinesis: Sciences - detonate, telekinesis; Devotions - animate object, animate shadow, ballistic attack, control flames, molecular agitation XP: 6,000

Description: Ttaloc can breath fire in a cone 11’ long and 11’ wide at the end, for 11d6 points of damage. He is invulnerable to sleep, hold, charm, energy drain, death spells, gas, poisons, and fire. He can become invisible at will. However, the invisibility is not complete, and in bright light a shimmering around the edges can give him away. In bright light, he is 70% undetectable, but if someone is actively looking for him and knows what to look for the chance drops to only 30%. In areas of weak light and darkness he is undetectable. Most of the time, Ttaloc is incorporeal. In this state he can pass through any object, and is immune from harm, and the only way to affect him is using psionics or mind affecting magic. While incorporeal and/or invisible he can only use his psionics to attack. In order for Ttaloc to attack physically he must become corporeal and visible. Then, Ttaloc attacks with his claws, each causing 1d6 hp of damage. If both claws hit in the same round, Ttaloc also bites the victim. The bite causes no damage, but initiates an elemental transfusion. The victim must make a save versus poison or suffer 1d8 points of damage per round as his blood turns to fire. This lasts until the victim is dead, or the effect is negated by a sweet water potion, neutralize poison spell or any other cure spell, a dispel magic, or a remove curse. If the victim makes the saving throw, he takes only 1d4 points of damage.

Wild Mul Clan

Description: Before using this encounter, it might enhance the game if the DM were to throw in a city encounter in which the PCs hear of a bounty being offered for an escaped mul gladiator slave named Hath and any mul companions with her. The bounty is set at 5 sp for Hath and an additional 3 sp for each of companions. Hath will be described as having several red tattoos across her face and torso. Possibly, the noble from whom these muls escaped from will specifically seek the PCs out for this hunting mission.

Once in the Wastes, read the following to the party: “An ancient legend you once heard mentioned what it must have been like to ride in boats on the ‘waves’ of a sea. The water would seem to roll and pile in upon itself, even on a calm day, forcing the boat to rise and fall in a meandering rhythmic pattern. Somehow, this caused the passengers on the boat to experience a disorientation known as ‘sea-sickness.’

After hours of walking up one side of a sand dune and then down the other, and repeating this process for miles upon sandy miles, you could possibly empathize with the characters in that most likely fictional legend. You are starting to feel a little queasy yourself. At the very least you are growing impatient, for every time you reach the peak of the dune you are climbing, your eyes scan the horizon, hoping to see something other than another dune on the other side, but this never comes. You are possibly going mad, as it seems every dune you traverse is the same as the one before. Perhaps you are going in a circle, and the sun is following you just to taunt you, while the evil wind erases your footprints behind you.

But wait, what’s that? Are there three figures approaching, or has your eyesight finally failed you?

PCs and the muls should both roll a surprise check in this encounter. If both succeed, they are about 100yds (91 m) apart, each at the crest of a facing dune. If the PCs win, the muls are in the furrow and the PCs are uphill from them, about 50yds (45 m) away. If the muls win, the PCs are in the furrow with the muls uphill of them (same distance).

It is up to you how to roleplay the muls reaction, but remember they are overly suspicious (and hungry). If you wish, roll an encounter reaction (table 59: DMG) for them, but they won’t be friendly unless the PCs are.

Geeti (female mul/5th-level fighter/NE) AC 7; MV 12; HD 5d10; hp 31; THAC0 16 sword, 17 axe (15 thrown); #AT 3/2 or 1; Dmg 1d8+2/1d12+2 (sword), 1d6/1d4 (axe); SA/SD exertion; SZ M (5’9”); ML 10 S 17, D 10, C 14, I 12, W 12, Ch 9 {saves: 11 13 12 13 14} Equipment: stone long sword [spd 5], stone hand axes (6)[spd j5], leather armor [AC=8], shield, 6gp Psionics Summary: Nil, MAC 10 Proficiencies/S&P: Kit: explorer. Traits/Disadvantages: internal compass. Non-Weapon Proficiencies: armorer, brewing, fire-building, hunting, leather working, navigation, set snares, survival (sandy wastes), survival (stony barrens) XP: 270

Description: In combat, Geeti will throw her hand axes only if she believes the chances of her getting them back are good. This means she won’t use them on half-giants or anyone else who is obviously a warrior.

Besides being a stereotypical-looking half-dwarf/half-human crossbreed, Geeti has nothing overly noticeable about her. She is about 28 years old, 240 pounds, 5’9”, hulkingly muscular, and completely hairless. She has no marks, scars or tattoos.

Geeti’s personality is dull in the extreme. Her speech is low, slow and droning. She is not stupid, however, and can sometimes sound very intelligent if you can get past the fact that she is putting you to sleep. Her weapons, armor and meager clothing have been tediously kept and maintained. The simple stone weapons have no luster or brilliance, and her kank-chitin shield is dim looking and dark with a light stain.

She has explored much of these sandy wastes with her two companions and she can recall many trivial and only semi-useful bits of information if asked. She won’t stop there, of course. From one fact she will continue on endlessly from tangent to tangent until she is either stopped or runs out of energy. This would take at least 14 days!

Hath (female mul/5th-level fighter/N) AC 7; MV 12; HD 5d10; hp 23; THAC0 16; #AT 3; Dmg 1d6+2/1d6+1 (mace), 1/1 (darts); SA/SD psionics, exertion; SZ M; ML 11 S 15, D 11, C 13, I 13, W 12, Ch 10 {saves: 11 13 12 13 14} Equipment: bone maces [spd 7], wooden darts (12)[spd 2], studded leather [AC=7], 5gp Psionics Summary: PSPs 31 Wild Talents - telekinesis (MAC 8, cost 3+/1+) Wild Talents - control body (6, 8/4) MTHAC0 18, MAC 10 Proficiencies/S&P: Kit: outlaw. Traits/Disadvantages: ambidexterity. Non-Weapon Proficiencies: disguise, fire-building, hunting, rope use, set snares, survival (sandy wastes), tracking XP: 270

Description: Hath will throw all of her darts before doing anything else. She will pick those who look like they cast spells as her immediate targets. Then she will use her control body ability on the warrior doing the most damage. The only reason she would enter melee without attempting her psionics on everyone first would be if it looks like one of her two friends are in serious trouble. Then she will be at their side immediately, swinging her twin maces in deadly arcs. Hath can strike with her darts or maces three times each round

Although she is the confident-looking leader of this small group, Hath’s inner self is screaming. What it is that she needs is not really clear, not even to her. If it had to be narrowed down, it would be one of two things. Either she is itching to get back into the arena where life is simple and her daily grind is killing others (something she likes), or what she really needs is a very satisfying love affair. Perhaps she is just bored with her current companions and wants to hear a few other voices occasionally. Either way, she is not interested in going back due to the hardships she remembers, and her paranoia is not likely to help her make friends.

Marash (female mul/4th-level fighter, 4th-level thief/NG) AC 4(8); MV 12; HD [(4d10+4d6)/2]-8; hp 12; THAC0 17; #AT 3/2 or 1; Dmg 1d6/1d8-1 (carrikal); SA/SD thief skills, +2 missile/reac; SZ M; ML 12 S 15, D 17, C 3, I 3, W 3, Ch 12 {saves: 13 14 12 16 15(18wis)} Equipment: bone carrikal [spd 3], lasso [8], leather armor [AC=8], 7gp Psionics Summary: Nil, MAC 10 Thieving Skills: Backstab x2, PP60, OL35, FRT15, MS50, HS20, DN40, CW65, FD17, EB25 Proficiencies/S&P: Traits/Disadvantages: animal empathy. Non-Weapon Proficiencies: animal handling, dancing, juggling, pottery, singing XP: 270

Description: Tactics with this mul will be rather random. She might try the straight approach, running to melee. Or she might lasso a PC and drag him across the sand. If captured, she will sneak up on a PC and use her backstab if he is not suspecting an attack.

This nameless mul - who was called ‘maggot’ by her master, but responds to her friends when they call her Marash - was trained from a young age for the gladiator pits. She might have made a very excellent gladiator, if her master - an eager young noble - had not personally attempted to have her wild talent unleashed through psychic surgery.

The attempt backfired in the worst way, making the noble’s valuable prize gladiator into an unhealthy, mentally-broken liability. If not for the fact that he would have to admit his own failure to his friends and family, he most definitely would have gotten rid of her. Due to her master’s embarrassment at his own failure, however, she learned to be a self-sufficient thief; because he had her trained to fight in his stable but largely ignored her beyond that, she learned to steal the things she wanted.

Years later, Marash was instrumental in helping her two friends escape into the wilderness. She has been with them ever since.