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Expanded Random Encounters Repost #4 - Sea of Silt

This Net Project was originally compiled by ArcoJedi. Many of the entries were taken from the Dark Sun Mailing list. The Expanded Random Encounters net.project brings otherwise sometimes boring random encounters to life. Giving them more realism than "you walk around the bend to see 4 gith standing in the middle of the road with weapons drawn".

This week, we feature encounters involving the Sea of Silt.


Description: This encounter will happen at night and its location varies depending on the PCs location. Either the PCs are camping on a mudflat island or rock out-cropping, or they are on the move in a Silt Skimmer.

Floaters are herbivores and do not usually engage in combat with other creatures unless startled or threatened. If the PCs are camped and asleep, the floaters are foraging for food near the PCs camp and manage to float past the night guard. They accidentally wake up one of the PCs and will attack if the alarm is sounded loudly.

If the PCs are on a Silt Skimmer (moving or stationary), some of them are taking their turn as night-watch on deck. The floaters are in the path and if one of the PCs don’t notice them (half-Wisdom checks) then one of the passing floaters will get tangled in the lines and sails, and attack the nearest creatures. The other two will stick by and defend against any creatures that try to come near.

Floaters (3) (3 HD/N) {saves: 13 15 12 16 15} AC 8; MV Fl 12 (B); HD 3; hp 15, 15, 13; THAC0 17; #AT 6; Dmg 1d4/1d4/ 1d4/1d4/1d4/1d4 (tentacles); SA poison; SZ S (3’ long); ML 11 Psionics Summary: Dis 2/Sci 2/Dev 11; PSPs 90 Att: PB, PsC; Def: MBk, IF #AT 1, MTHAC0 18, MAC 8 Psychometabolism: Sciences - life draining; Devotions - chameleon power, displacement, double pain, flesh armor, mind over body Telepathy: Sciences - mindlink; Devotions - aversion, conceal thoughts, life detection, mind bar, repugnance, send thoughts XP: 420 Description: A floater is about 2 feet in diameter and 3 feet in length. They are bulbous and translucent. There is one male (reddish tint) and two females (tan or yellow).

White Silt Horror

Silt Horror
Silt Horror by Baxa

Description: The silt whisks in the wind, flowing into the air and obscuring the sky in a dusty haze. The white horror has noticed the vibration of the PCs - however they are traveling - from about 2 miles away. It spends a few minutes positioning itself ahead of them. The white horror receives a 2 point surprise bonus, both to its chance of being surprised and the PC’s chance to be surprised. It will attack when the first target is within range (50’).

If an attack roll exceeds the required score by 4 (THAC0 11), the victim is held by a tentacle. Assuming they have an anchor or firm footing, the victim can make an Open Doors roll to avoid being pulled under. See DMG pg122 for rules on holding your breath.

Very strong creatures (strength 21+) can roll Bend Bars to pull free. Otherwise, the tentacle must be severed to allow release. Each tentacle takes 10 points of damage before being severed (not a Called Shot). Blunt weapons do half damage.

If the horror is losing the fight, it will use its air jet to escape. This temporarily increases its movement rate to 5 (50 yds/round). The other bonus of this air jet is the small cloud of silt it raises, making the fleeing horror almost impossible to follow, at least for those using normal sight only.

White Silt Horror (14 HD/N) {saves: 5 7 6 5 8} AC 8; MV 3; HD 14; hp 53; THAC0 7; #AT 10; Dmg 1d8 (tentacles)[12?]; SA constriction; SD air jet; SZ G (50’); Int 1; ML 10 Psionics Summary: Nil, MAC 6 XP: 7,000 Description: A white horror waits until its victim has suffocated before it begins to feed.