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It is free year 12. In the city-state of Tyr, an evil has been growing in the shadows and is ready to emerge and threaten the freedom of the city. A ravenous murderer stalks the warrens. Many templars and citizens claim Kalak has returned and call for his open worship by all. The free wizards of Tyr work to convert Kalak’s ziggurat into a positive source of light to remove the shadows of evil that linger in the city. A band of heroes must unravel the message from a mysterious woman who pleads for help. If they are too late, a dark shadow will fall across the city and a sorcerer-king will again sit on the throne of Tyr.

This adventure takes place in the city-state of Tyr. It is for 3-5 characters of 6th to 8th level. The adventure uses many NPCs and locations described in the accessories City-State of Tyr and Dune Trader. Though possession of these accessories is not necessary for this adventure, it will help to add background and description to the adventure. There are maps of the city in: the first box set, the second box set, and the City-State of Tyr. The adventure begins assuming the characters are residents of Tyr, and that the party has a contact in authority. If they are acquainted with Sadira, Rikus, and the City council so much the better, though this is not necessary.

The adventure is hosted in’s Resources page: In Kalak’s Shadow