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elf fire cleric nercromancer
Kuur'Ta'All - elven fire cleric necromancer by Matt Hilker


Kuur'Ta'All was born to a forgotten elf tribe and was cast out along with his mother merely for being born. After wandering in the wastes for weeks he and his mother were found by a slave tribe.. The tribe took them in and accepted them as full members within a year. He and his mother lived a relatively simple life, with the slave tribe providing shelter and companionship. Kurt was raised as a hunter for the tribe, but his true love was storytelling. Kurt was popular in his tribe for his amazing stories. At the age of 23 Kurt began learning Cantrips from the tribe's Preserver to assist with sensory effects for his stories.

While searching some ruins Kurt found an old written book. The book told of a valiant warrior that was cursed by a vile defiler. The book told of the curse on the warrior, it stated that if any one uttered his name then the warrior would come and destroy everything the speaker loved. Kurt just thought this a fanciful story and took the book and thought about exciting additions for it.

A few weeks later Kurt told his story to the tribe. He had everyone looking over their shoulders for the foul defiler and at the end of the story he was assaulted by applause. Moments after the completion of the story loud screams were heard in the direction of the guard post at the edge of the village,

Minutes after the first screams erupted the entire village lay dead save for Kurt and the resident Champion of Fire. With hate in his eyes the Fire Cleric cursed Kurt with these words. If this twisted undead thing has indeed killed everyone in the village and kills me before I can banish it, then I curse you to seek and destroy it in the name of Fire to atone for your mistake with a zeal and purpose like none you have witnessed before. "

The undead thing approached the Cleric. The Cleric shouted his holy words of banishment, but to no avail. The thing advanced and tore into the clerics soft flesh. With the cleric dead the creature turned to Kurt. As the undead thing advanced Kurt willed his skin to harden into stone and set himself for his inevitable death. The thing struck Kurt and he flew into a wall. Believing Kurt and everyone in the village dead the creature sought out the book that Kurt found and took it before leaving the village.

Upon waking a day later Kurt scoured the village looking for some sign of life but he found none. As he finished checking the last villager for a pulse he felt warmth well up inside him. Soon that warmth became a fire and the heat welled up inside him until his only release was an anguish filled scream. As his scream subsided Kurt grew calm and felt a pull that he could not ignore. He gathered all of the tribes bodies and threw them all into a great funeral pyre. As he watched the fire burn he placed the trappings of the Fire Champion and the Preserver around him. As his friends and loved ones burned he prayed to the Fire Lords as he had seen the Fire Cleric do many times. When he stared into the fire he saw the souls of his tribe form out of the smoke. The lost souls commanded Kurt to seek out and destroy that which had destroyed them. The souls gathered together into one massive column of smoke and came toward Kurt. Kurt, not fearing the souls of his tribe watched as the column advanced. As it neared him the column seemed to be absorbed by the spell book of the dead Preserver. As the last of the smoke disappeared into the book Kurt heard the voice of the Preserver, "We will be trapped in this book until you put the Undead Warrior's soul to rest. You will be able to use our energy to power the spells that are in this book. The presence of our undying souls will aid you in the fight against all abominations of the life cycle."

Kurt thought about what the old Preserver said and stared into the fire  Suddenly a jet of flame exploded from the fire enveloping Kurt. Kurt screamed in pain but soon realized that the flame did not burn his skin. Moments later a fire being materialized in front of him. It had the form of a beautiful elven female. The being caressed his skin with a fiery hand, but again Kurt flinched but did not feel pain. "Do not fear the flame, its cleansing powers will heal your pain. We have an offer for you, worship The Flame with all your heart and we will grant you the powers that you will need to fight the undead of Athas. The alternative, well you don't really have an alternative as one of our late champions petitioned us to make you follow this path. Do not mistake me you are not our slave, just our servant. Serve us and be rewarded, fail us and die." With that said the fire being stepped into the flames and motioned Kuur'Ta'All to follow. Kurt was compelled to follow, albeit hesitantly, into the flames. Kurt was enlightened to the ways of Fire over the next few days as the fire hesat in continued to burn.

When he emerged from the ashes of his tribe all of his hair was gone and his bald head had flamelike markings on it and his eyes were the color of the blackest coal.


Kurt's overriding goal is to find and kill the creature that massacred his tribe. His whole life is directed by this goal and he will do anything to achieve it. Kurt has a look of insanity and fanaticism in his eyes. But 
instead of people being turned away from him his fanaticism seems to manifest itself as a sense of purpose and leadership. He currently seeks out others to aid him in his quest.


Kurt could pass for either a short elf or a half-elf and dresses in supple Carru leather clothes died a dark red. Strapped to his pointing right arm is an obsidian wrist razor and on his other wrist a small bone buckler shield is strapped down. His head is covered in red flame-like markings that almost look to be scars, bright red stubble obscures the markings somewhat. And his coal black eyes shine in the mid-day sun. Several pieces of jewelry adorn his body including several bone and obsidian rings on both hands, a necklace with bone and obsidian chips, obsidian earrings, and a thin obsidian bar through the bridge of his nose. A large disk of obsidian hangs around his neck with some kind of red stone in the shape of a flame emblazoned on the disk. A pack is strapped to his back as well as a long bow. A quiver of arrows rest on his left hip and an obsidian knife is tucked into his belt on his right side.

His coal black eyes gleam with both purpose and direction. His firm jaw sometimes reminds others of a noble's or templar's and gives him a look of seriousness at all times, but his kind smile show his soft heart. His expressions and demeanor are often that of a veteran campaigner, but his skin could not have seen more than 25 summers.

2nd Edition Stats

Character Name: Kuur'Ta'All (Kurt)
Class: Preserver(Necromancer)/Fire Cleric 
Level: 2/2
Race: Half-Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Homeland: Wastes SE of Tyr
Sex: Male 
Age: 25
Height: 6'
Weight: 123
Hair: Red Stubble
Eyes: Coal Black


Strength: 12
: 10
: 16
: 10


HP: 10
MV: 12
AC: 9 (-1 Buckler Shield)

 Special Abilities:

Infravision 60'
Two First Level Wizard Spells
Two First Level Fire Cleric Spells
65% Keep Intelligent undead from attacking
5%/Lvl gain control of unintelligent undead for 1d6 rnds
If no controller automatic control for 1d6 rnds
Immune to Undead Fear
Turn Undead

Wild Talent:

PSP's: 28
Power: Flesh Armor
PS: 13 (Con-3)
IC: 8
MC: 4/Rnd
Page: 60 CPsiH


Fire Building (Free)
Language: Elven (1)
Language: Trade (1)
Language: Sign (1)
Planes Lore (Free)
Read/Write: Trade (1)
Read/Write: Elven (1)
Prestidigitation (1) D&P p91
Somatic Concealment (1)
Spellweaving (1) D&P p91
Hunting (1)
Long Bow 
Wrist Razor


Obsidian Wrist Razors
Obsidian Hunting Knife
Erdland Leather Quiver
-20 Obsidian tipped Sheaf Arrows
Bone and Erdland Leather Buckler Shield
Wooden Longbow
Misc. Bone and Obsidian Jewelry
Obsidian and Red Stone Holy Symbol of Fire
Carru Leather clothes
Back pack
-Wyvern Hide Spellbook (Levels 1,2,3)*
-Multi-Colored rope knot Spellbook (Cantrips)**
-2 Waterskins
-Fire Kit
-50' Hemp Rope
-Large Sack
-1week dried food
-2 Small Sacks
Small Belt Pouch
-Obsidian Mirror
Small Belt Pouch
Large Belt Pouch
Large Belt Pouch
-Spell Components


1 Sp
20 Cp
7 Bits


1: Read Magic (Crystal Prism), Detect Magic, Burning Hands, Shield, Chill Touch, Detect Undead (Earth from a grave or Ashes from a funeral pyre)
2: Detect Evil, Invisibility (Eylash, Gum Arabic),
3: Dispel Magic


All cantrips can be used at a range of 10' and last for 2 seconds
Smokepuff: Creates a 1' diameter cloud of harmless smoke of any color.
Creak: Creates the sound of a creaker door or someone walking on a 
squeaking floor boards.
Footfall: Creates the sound of a loud or quiet humanoid walking.
Groan: Creates the sound of a pain or terror filled scream.
Moan: Creates the sound of a pitifull or eerie groaning.
Rattle:Creates the sound of rattling chains
Tap: Creates the sound of someone tapping on whatever the caster 
Thump: Creates the sound of something falling equal to the weight 
of the caster onto whater the caster is standing on.
Whistle: Creates the sound of similar to when a person whistles loudly.

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