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From: Anticus, dwarven scholar-slave To: Corlinicus of the Veil.

Success. I have returned from my master’s study with another spell. No one suspects a thing and it is becoming easy. Below is another spell I have copied from my master. Is it more powerful than the last? Are you any closer to finding the source of this new power?

I am worried, though, by a meeting that took place the night before last. The gate guard told me the following: a cloaked woman came to the manor gate late that night and asked to see my master. The gate keeper was surprised to find our master sent word that she was be let in. The gate keeper was not able to see the woman’s face but one of the maid-slaves that attend my master did. It was Andropinis’s former high templar, Asthira. I told the maid she must be mistaken, but the girl swears it was her. Many have said that she is dead, as no one has seen her since the merchant-kings took over the city in the wake of Andropinis’s death. Whatever business this evil woman has with my master cannot bode well for Balic.

I will try to copy another powerful spell from my master again soon.

Nightwind (Evocation)

Level: 5
Range: 0
Components: V,S,M
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: Special
Saving Throw: Special

With this spell, a shadow wizard opens a small portal to the Black through which escapes a blast of dark wind (10’ wide, 10’ long/level). All creatures in the area of effect receive 1d4 hit points per level of the caster in damage (to a maximum of 14d4) due to the chilling cold. Each creature must make a special saving throw. If successful it receives only ½ the above damage. Unless the creature makes the save by 2 or more than the number needed to save, he is paralyzed by the numbing cold for 1d4 rounds.

No matter what the outcome of the save, all creatures in the area of effect are blinded by magical darkness for one round. The wind extinguishes unprotected small flames and extinguishes lanterns 50% of the time. Undead creatures and creatures from the Black are immune to this spell, though creatures normally invulnerable to cold are not, as the spell is based on wind charged by the Black’s negative energy.