The Burnt World of Athas

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By For years Draca had traveled Athas in search of ways to better himself and find a way to help Athas through teaching psionics to the youth in Glug, Draj, and his home city of Balic. This gave him a chance to change youths’ mindsets and make them want to save Athas. After a few years in each city, the sorcerer-monarch would start to notice Draca and demand his capture - he had already been ordered executed twice, yet he still continued to come back.

Through the years of traveling, Draca started to feel the effects of getting older. He knew that with the future plans of his friends, he would have to slow down or create something that would help him. After many decades of meditation upon the limits of the human body and its physical interactions with time, Draca achieved a unique breakthrough. He had found a way to force his nexus to detach his own body’s connection with time itself, stalling his aging process for a time.

Agelessness (Psychoportive/Pscometabolic) Mac: -1 PSP cost: 100/50 Range: 0 AOE: Personal Prerequisite: Time Dilation, 10th lvl psionicist, Body control With this power the user stops the aging process in his cells by a number of years determined by his level. It confers protection against natural, magical, and psionic aging. Once a successful MAC check has been made, the user is protected from aging for a number of years equal to his current level. Once the years have gone, the psionicist is once again subject to further aging as normal. This power does not reverse aging that has already occurred. This power can only be used successfully once a year. All effects are cumulative.