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Sources of Power: Psionics

“Borys stepped beneath the arch and peered down at Caelum, who was struggling to return to his feet. Sadira took a deep breath expecting Rikus' war cry to ring off the Gorge walls as he and Tithian leapt down from above.

The only thing she heard was Borys chuckling. The dragon fixed one beady eye on Caelum.

To Sadira surprise the rugged image of a human man flashed into the shadowy corridors of her mind. He had blocky features with a shaven head, round ears, and a long beard with no mustache. His eyes were beady and full of hatred, much as the Dragon's, and he was dressed in a full suit of gleaming plate armor.

At first Sadira was perplexed about what she was seeing. Then she realized that Borys was attacking with the way.

The knight pulled a sword and walked until he reached a door of polished ebony, which he kicked open. The doorway opened into a gloomy room with a high vaulted ceiling. The walls were lined with benches and draped with richly colored tapestries depicting the bearded dwarves of old. In the center of the chamber, a ball of crimson fire hovered over a circle of white marble.

Sadira was confused; she had no memories of such a place. It seemed that she was looking directly in the dwarf's mind.

The warrior crossed the circle and paused before the blazing globe, "I should have finished my job, and cleansed the world of every filthy dwarf when I had the chance.

A few tendrils of flame lashed out and washed over the knight's armor. He simply laughed and raised his sword, then began to chop away great pieces of the burning sphere.

In the ravine, Caelum began to scream, leaving no doubt in Sadira's mind about what she was seeing. The Dragon's mental attack was so powerful that it had penetrated her thoughts, carrying a part of her consciousness into the victim's mind.

Caelum fell silent, and then his body erupted into a spray of blood and flesh. It collapsed to the ground in a dozen neatly sliced pieces. Borys snickered, then turned around and stepped back toward the arch.”


High Science-Telepathy

Traumatic Turbulence
Power score:INT -7
Initial cost:110
Maintenance cost:psp's
Area of effect:10 yards
Prerequisites:Mindlink, Contact, Domination, Phobia Amplification, and see below


This power is only available to advanced beings or psionicists of 25th level or higher. It delves into the victim's mind and resurrects a dormant traumatic event of their past with devastating effects.

To begin with, the psionicist must know a traumatic event of the victim's past, he need not have witnessed the event, he may have acquired knowledge of it by some other means, visiting the site and conferring with acquaintances of the subject, other investigation, perhaps by delving into the subject's mind himself.

However, he must have a detailed, vivid, and excellent mental motion picture of this event. It also can be a racial or spiritual issue, such as the violent death of the victim's tribe and family, or his place of worship being destroyed, or something he/she was extremely proud of that was lost.

The psionicist begins first by contacting the victim, or by winning a psychic contest, thereafter, he uses Mindlink, and phobia amplification on the victim to start, the phobia amplification serves rather to make the victim uneasy rather than it's usual intent. And it must succeed.

Finally, when the psionicist is successful, he uses this power, his imagination, and his personal knowledge of the traumatic event. And ever so slowly begins to weave it around the victim. This power is quite destructive, while not only effecting the subject emotionally, it also adversely effects the subject's brain chemistry, body pH level, and blood temperature. The subject immediately must make a save versus spells at a -5 penalty, if successful the subject gets another saving throw at -3, if failed the subject gets another saving throw at -7, if that is failed, the subject is washed over with agony, and physical pain and torment, and explodes in a violent manner. Success means the subject loses 85% percent of his hit points and passes out. If the subject makes the saving throw at -3 he/she loses 40% of his/her hit points and passes out. A subject who makes the second save must also roll on the table below. The subject gets an extra negative for every level the psionicist is above 28th to all the saves. The power score is one less if the victim is 4 levels below the psionicist, two if the subject is three levels below the psionicist, etc if the victim is within 5 levels lower then the psionicist he/she gets +1 saves to all saving throws to this power, +2 if four levels below. +3 if three levels below, on all saving throws vs. this power. This power if used against a character of equal level or two or one level below, only serves to make the subject lose 20% of his hit points if the, if such a character makes any of the saving throws this power has no effect on them (and they may not be pleased!) It may not be used on a character of higher level.

Adverse effects

  1. Lose a point of intelligence permanently.
  2. Lose a point of wisdom permanently.
  3. Lose 2 points of wisdom permanently.
  4. Suffer muscle spasms and paranoid delusions every so often permanently, which will probably adversely effect the characters class abilities
  5. Suffer severe headaches every so often permanently.
  6. Suffer seizures every so often permanently.

Power score- the subject's saving throws each have an additional -1 to them, and the psionicist only expends 65 psp's

20- the psionicist must make a saving throw Vs spells at a -8 penalty or roll on the table above intended for the subject


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