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The Elven Tongue

Words and Language of the Athasian Elf.

By: Neeva Barrens

I was looking through the Elves of Athas book and I paused on the Elven names and phrases. I noticed they actually fit together very well. I took the names and insults apart and came up with these elven words. My players use them to assemble names for their elf characters. My players have also been good enough to come up with their own words to throw into the mix. Here is the current vocabulary.

Modified Cover of Elves of Athas by Brom courtesy of WotC


Maieuu mumika, Mauutra ffaie,
Corannuguu Maieuu nikuuko, Mauta akotota,
Corannuhuu Maiee ni’kom, Masarguu fae, Corannutaa


As we run to the horizon, our silver souls ring out, with Corannu's song.
As we run into battle, our blades steal death, with Corannu's fury.
As we dance in the Now, our music plays on, with Corannu's laughter.


     Art -- Vys<br> As -- Mai<br> Attack -- Ko<br> Battle -- Uko<br> Beast -- Ot<br> Break -- 'thuu<br> Bring -- Took<br> Bird -- Al<br> Bow -- It<br> Camp -- Uk<br> Catch -- Aako<br> Chase -- Aa<br> City -- Juk<br> Clear -- Uuto<br> Crap/Piss -- Guh<br> Crawl -- Huum<br> Dagger -- Aku<br> Dark -- No<br> Dance -- Ee<br> Die -- Ta<br> Doom -- Toja<br> Drink -- Ahh<br>
     Dweller -- Kete<br> Elf -- Raan<br> Fist -- An<br> Fire -- Hu<br> First -- Lob<br> Fighter -- Koti<br> Full -- Gee<br> Fury -- Huu<br> Gamble -- Fex<br> Glowworm -- Fehum<br> Hand -- Mut<br> Head -- Karit<br> Help -- Sab<br> Horizon -- Mika<br> Hunter -- Nu<br> Inside -- Ni<br> E'kom -- Later<br> Laugh -- Taa<br> Leap -- Kaa<br> Light -- He<br> Me -- Alb<br> Magic -- Sar<br>
     Metal -- Tra<br> Moon(oot) -- Ut<br> Night -- Utko<br> the Now -- 'kom<br> Orange -- Kar<br> Out -- Go<br> Pay -- Ake<br> Person -- Gee<br> Plant (Small) -- Ke<br> Plays -- Fae<br> Prepare -- Neek<br> Purchace -- Deek<br> Quiet -- Uuta<br> Ride -- Fe<br> Ring With Noise -- Aie<br> Run -- Uu<br> Sad -- Ba<br> Sand -- At<br> Short -- Da<br> Silt -- Ju<br> Sing -- Guu<br> Sky -- Ka<br>
     Slow -- To<br> Soul -- Ffa<br> Speak -- Po<br> Stalk -- Ra<br> Steal -- Ako<br> Stupid -- Too<br> Sucker -- Toge<br> Sun -- Mi<br> Sunlight -- Mihe<br> Swift -- Kuu<br> Sword -- Uta<br> Towords -- Ku<br> To Permit -- Man<br> Twilight -- Muut<br> Two -- Ha<br> Us -- Ie<br> Value -- Tuh<br> Water -- Bo<br> Way -- Air<br> Weapon -- Laan<br> Wild -- Ek<br> Wind -- Duk<br>


La --Who

Prefixes and Suffixes

-dai :Signifies a Tribe
-ged :signifies a Tribe other than Elven
Ma- :signifies ownership " My "
Eetma- :Signifies ownership " Your "
Mu :Roughly Means 'at', goes at the beginning of sentence to point direction
E' :Less than
U' : Unwanted
Ud' Half of
A' : More than
Ad' : Twice than
De' : Negative
Be' :Positive

Compound Words

Gold (sun-metal)—Mitra
Silver (moon-metal)--Uutra
dwarf (dwarven for dwarf)--dwarf
half-giant (twice than a human)--Ad'dato
halfling (half of a human)--Ud'dato
human (short and slow)--Dato
kank (beast-runner)—Otuuk
thri-kreen (hunter-beast)--Nuu'oT


Clear Water-- Uutobol-dai
Night Runner-- Utkotuu-dai
Silt Stalker-- Jura-dai
Silver Hand-- Uutramut-dai
Sky Singer-- Koguu-dai
Swift Wing-- Kuualko-dai
Water Hunter-- Bonuu-dai
Wind Dancer-- Dukkee-dai


Fire Dancer-Huee
Magic Hunter--Sarnu
Quiet Hunter--Uutanu
Sword Leaper --Utakaa
Wild Fighter--Ekoti


City Dweller--Jukkete
Elf with no tribe--U'Raanu
Kank Rider--Otuuk fe!
Less than an outsider --E'Gotii
Outsider(similar to 'out' and 'fighter'--Gotii
Snad Crawler-- Athuum
Swift as a human --Kuu Dato


A dagger is worth more than sand.-- Aku a'tuh at.
Find the water. Now !-- Mubo nu. Lob !
Run! You kank-rider !-- Muotuuk fe uu!
The Night Runners are chasing us !-- Utkotuu-dai AAAAiiiiieeee!
This one's a sucker / easy mark ! -- Mugee toge.
Don't this one leave. -- Mugee deea.
Mug that one. -- Koako gee.
There is the outhouse ? ( Directly translated; Where is the crap camp?) -- Muguhuk li ?
Do you speak common ? -- Mupo common ?
Very stupid human ! -- Dato e'too !

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