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Merchants Calendar

The Merchant's Calendar is a program designed to help you make sense of the Athasian calendar as described in the Dark Sun boxed set and the Ivory Triangle boxed set. Here is a list of features:

  • Multiple input fields - You can choose a time by selecting Kings Age, Kings Age year number (1-77), Endlean Cycle, Seofean Cycle, Free Year, Month, Date, or Time of day.
  • Special Events - Major events like the Year of the Messenger, Highest Sun, Low Sun, eclipses, and others are automatically checked for and displayed as you cycle through the times.
  • Moon Phases of Ral and Guthay - The sky positions and moon phases of Ral and Guthay are shown for the time selected. Moon phases are displayed accurately in percent illumination as well as visually. Negative percentages indicate a waning moon, while positive percentages indicate a waxing moon. Eclipses and conjunctions are noted as well.
  • Wide range of valid dates - The program will support any time from W.A. 1, Ral's Fury, Dominary 1, 12:00 A.M. to K.A. 500, Guthay's Agitation, Zenalia 5, 11:50 P.M. Time can be changed in ten minute increments.

The Merchant's Calendar 1.0 (403KB, Windows 95/98/NT English version)