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Templar Talk: by

Greetings, fans and fanatics! Let’s keep our introductions quick and be about our business. I am Thrasnister, Master Bard, Thespian, Storyteller, etc. and many rumors have found their way to my ear, and I find myself, of a mood to share them with you. The templars of the city-state of Raam, my birthplace and current home, have, for many months now, been precariously clutching to a meager power base within the city. Neither the nobles, nor the Night Runners consider the templars of the deceased queen Abalach-Re, much of a threat, since they lack the magical might, that she was once able to bestow upon them. Yet, while talking with a halfling earth priest at the Slavering Gith, I learned that the templars have decided to prostrate themselves before a more adamant and unyielding power.

Recently, an inordinate number of priests have been encountered in Raam. Particularly, I have seen the drab brown and tan cassocks of the earth worshippers, more often than others. Normally, I would welcome them, for they offer many coins for a few songs, but I spoke with a lone templar, who happened to be “detained” before he could make it back to the safety of the palace, and he spilled secrets of a more interesting nature. It appears that the templars of Raam, lacking a figure to worship, such as Abalach-Re or her false god Badna, have sought communion with the elementals of the stone and soil. Through arcane negotiations, an alliance has been agreed upon, between the templars of Raam, and the representatives of earth. The results of this meeting have not been discovered, but I can only hope that the power of the earth will work to temper the rampant corruption that exists within the bureaucratic ranks.

Lastly, Official Cero, known for his work in the Ministry of Defense, and many colleagues were overheard discussing the whereabouts of Official Grogh-En, a known Veiled Alliance sympathizer. The templars worry that he may have defected to the Alliance, seeking protection with them, through anonymity. The secrets that Grogh-En possess about the layout of the palace and the power possessed by the templars, could prove detrimental, if a rival group, such as the Night Runners, were to gain the knowledge. A number of templar patrols, under the guise of soldiers or raiders have been sweeping through the city, in search of their lost comrade, with no success so far. Once Grogh-En surfaces though, be forewarned, that a war will erupt over this once ignored man.

Unfortunately, I conclude our conversation, for I am expected to play for Official Farnak, the former Minister of Economy, and his guests from House Ianto. A man must make a living, and, while lucrative, the business of the shadow arts seems to be a quite crowded in this city right now. Until next we meet.