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Thri-Kreen Feats and Powers

Thri-kreen stalk the athasian wastes, using every advantage they have, from their ancestors wisdom to their own psionic powers.

Below are racial feats and utility powers suitable for thri-kreen in
your 4th edition D&D game.


Heroic Tier Feats

Blessed by the Ancestors

Your egg-clutch was laid near the remains of great ancestors, in order that part of them could be reborn within you.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen
  • Benefit The first time you make a saving throw in an encounter, you gain a +1 feat bonus to the saving throw.

Blurred Scuttle

You are the ultimate psionic warrior. Your psionic studies have honed your reflexes so that you can react quickly to an enemy that threats someone you are defending.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, battlemind, blurred step class feature
  • Benefit When your blurred step power is triggered, you can shift an additional square.

Clutch Mentality

Your insect mind is focused on always helping your clutch-mates.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen
  • Benefit When you successful assist an ally on a skill check with a skill you are trained in, you grant the ally a +3 bonus to his skill check.

Chatkcha Accuracy

You have formed a special bond with your chatkcha increasing the accuracy of your throws even when you miss your primary target.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, seeker, inevitable shot class power, proficiency with chatkcha
  • Benefit When using a chatkcha, you gain a +1 bonus to the ranged basic attack granted by inevitable shot. At 11th level, this bonus in- creases to +2. At 21st level, this bonus increases to +3.

Deft Dodger

Your quick reflexes and natural instinct allow you to dodge incoming missiles.

  • PrerequisiteThri-kreen
  • BenefitYou gain a +2 feat bonus to all defenses against ranged attacks. At 11th level, this bonus increases to +4. At 21st level, this bonus increases to +6.

Font of Movement

As a thri-kreen you are always moving, never standing still for long. Even when enemies try to restrain you, you surprise them with your speed.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, warden, font of life class feature
  • Benefit When you use your font of life class feature to successfully save against an effect that slowed or immobilized you, you can shift 1 square as a free action.

Helping Hand

Your middle limbs can help arm your allies as well as yourself.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, warlord
  • Benefit When an adjacent ally spends an action point, you can draw or sheathe a weapon carried by the adjacent ally or yourself and pass it to that ally as a free action.

Insect Mind

Your insect mind makes it difficult for humanoid psions to seize control of your mind.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, psion
  • Benefit You gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against dominating effects from enemies that are not insects.

Mantis Rage

With a burst of raging energy, you flail your claws at your enemies while maneuvering between them.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, barbarian
  • Benefit While you are raging, your thri-kreen claws racial power gains the following effect.
  • Effect You can shift 1 square after each attack.

Mantis Wild Shape

Your wild shape form retains some of your insect nature, allowing you to utilize your natural weapons.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, druid, wild shape class power, thri-kreen claws racial power
  • Benefit You can use thri-kreen claws while in beast form.

Mantle of the Thri-kreen

You use the psionic connection you have made with your allies to share your innate racial knowledge.

  • PrerequisiteThri-kreen, ardent, ardent mantle class feature
  • Benefit You replace the skill bonuses granted to allies by your ardent mantle, with those from your racial skill bonuses. Allies in your ardent mantle gain a +3 bonus to Athletics and Nature.

Natural Fighter

You rely on your natural weapons which are just as deadly as any blade.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, thri-kreen claws racial power, fighter, combat challenge class feature
  • Benefit If your thri-kreen claws power is not expended, when an enemy marked by you provokes an opportunity attack from you, you can use your thri-kreen claws racial power in place of a melee basic attack to attack that enemy. Doing so expends thri-kreen claws.

Psionic Coordination

While your distract one of your enemies, you send subtle psionic messages to your allies letting them know when best to strike.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, battlemind, battlemind's demand class feature
  • Benefit You and your flanking ally gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls against creatures that you have marked with your battlemind's demand and are flanking. This bonus increases to +3 at 11th level. This bonus increases to +4 at 21st level.

Swift Spirit

Your spirit companions takes on aspects of your swift thri-kreen heritage.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, shaman, call spirit companion class power
  • Benefit Your spirit companion gains a +2 feat bonus to its speed.

Thri-kreen Fury

Your anger at those who would defile nature lends strength to your claws.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, warden, thri-kreen claws racial power, nature's fury class feature
  • Benefit You gain a feat bonus to the damage rolls of your thri-kreen claws equal to your Wisdom modifier against creatures you have marked with nature¬ís fury.

Paragon Tier Feats

Chatkcha Psionic Focus

After mediating many hours with your chatkcha, you have attuned it to accept a portion of your mental might.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, battlemind, 11th level, proficiency in the chatkcha
  • Benefit Choose one of your battlemind at-will attacks. You can use that attack unaugmented as a ranged attack with your chatkcha. You can replace the chosen at-will attack through retraining.

Desert Adaptation

Your ancestors adapted to desert life and thrived.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, 11th level
  • Benefit You can go one day between using a survival day without being subjected to an attack to contract Sun Sickness. If you have not used a survival day by the end of the second day, you are subjected to an attack to contract Sun Sickness that day and on each succeeding day. Once you have contracted Sun Sickness the disease progresses as normal.

Distracting Presence

Through your touch you transmit psionic energy to distract your enemies making them easier prey for your allies.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, ardent, 11th level, thri-kreen claws racial power, ardent mantle class feature
  • Benefit Each target you hit with your thri-kreen claws racial power grants combat advantage to your allies within your ardent mantle until the end of your next turn.

Mark and Evade

Your target the enemies of nature for destruction while using your natural agility to slip between their ranks.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, 11th level, warden, nature's wrath class feature
  • Benefit You do not provoke opportunity attacks from enemies you have marked with nature¬ís wrath, unless that enemy has marked you.

Nature's Prey

You and your allies rally to the defense of na- ture.

  • Prerequisite Thri-kreen, warden, warden's fury class feature, 11th level
  • Benefit You and your allies gain a +3 bonus to damage rolls against creatures that grant combat advantage while under the effects of your warden's fury. This bonus increases to +4 at 21st level.

Racial Utility Powers

Mantis Bound

Thri-Kreen Utility 6

With a mighty bound you leap across the battlefield, surprising your enemies with your speed.

Move Action Personal
  • Effect You make an Athletics check to jump. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks and is not limited by your speed.

Mantis Climber

Thri-Kreen Utility 10

You scamper up a rock outcropping as if it were flat ground.

Move Action Personal
  • Effect You move your speed. You gain spiderclimb until the end of your turn.

Mantis Frenzy

Thri-Kreen Utility 22

In a frenzy, you lash out at your enemies with everything you have.

Minor Action Personal
  • Effect You enter a mantis frenzy. Until the end of the encounter, whenever you successfully hit a target with a melee attack, you can make a basic melee attack with an off-hand weapon as a free action against any target within reach. If you are not wielding an off-hand weapon, you can make an unarmed basic melee attack.


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