The Burnt World of Athas

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With the release of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons the Trinkets table was full of interesting and evocative ideas for a small bauble that characters possess. Many of the items were not suitable for Dark Sun without alternation. In the spirit of the Burnt World, here's a new table, just for Athasians.

(c) Wizards of the Coast
% Roll Item
01 A faro needle
02 A scrap of rasclinn hide
03 A thri-kreen antennae
04 A roc feather fan
05 A shard of obsidian with a tiny skull inside of it
06 A necklace made with gith fingerbones
07 A wyverns stinger
08 A small bag containing the complete skeleton of a snake
09 A dried esperweed flower
10 A bone insignia of rank from Yaramuke
11 A hardened sand painting depicting a gladiator match
12 A leather amulet with a strange rune on it
13 A vial that contains silt from the bottom of the silt sea
14 A crystal eye from a crystal spider
15 A dried out hurrum beetle that hums
16 A coin made from carved carapace
17 A small set of bones, looks like a complete humanoid, very small 1'
18 A rough stone statue of a crodlu
19 A treasure map written on parchment with names of places you've never heard of
20 A broken bone heartpick inscribed with the history of a long dead Tarek tribe
21 A lock of giant hair
22 A small wooden statue of a small halfling like creature you've never seen before
23 A ring made of agafari wood
24 A petrified Kes'trekel egg
25 A smooth cylinder made from dasl
26 A small rock that was once part of a stone elemental
27 A vial with the saliva of an id fiend
28 A hardened bone slave's collar
29 A scroll with a spell written incorrectly on it
30 An ock'n shell
31 A small gem that holds the Focus of a dwarf
32 Half of templar's amulet depicting the sorcerer king Hamanu
33 A tuft of hair from a feylaar
34 A piece of supple leather with the image of a forest on it
35 An aarakocra feather
36 A glass jar with tentacles in a pickling fluid
37 A whistle made of bone
38 An elven rattle made from a tortoise shell
39 A jankx spur
40 A tooth from a water drake that always has condensation on it
41 An agafari wood needle
42 A bone key of Balican design
43 A halflling war fetish with dried blood on it
44 A broken pterran thanak
45 A wooden toy in the shape of a mekillot
46 A mummified hand of a thrax
47 A holy symbol of an elemental priest of water
48 A sharpened feather
49 A tkaesali head formerly owned by a disgraced Nikaal
50 A perfectly round black obsidian orb 2" in diameter with a small chunk taken out of it
51 A ceramic coin minted by a long dead merchant house
52 A fire drake scale that is always warm to the touch
53 An inert Psionicus
54 The tip of a kirre's horn
55 A small piece of bronze hammered into the form of a bearded dwarf's head
56 A 6" piece of cha'thrang tether
57 A small wooden top, when you spin it you hear the rushing wind, but no one else does
58 A piece of crystal that lightly vibrates
59 A templar amulet from the city of Kalidnay
60 A tiny sketch of a small humanoid the likes of which you've never seen
61 An erdlu beak with string tied to it, to make a mask
62 A dried out kank honey globule
63 A crystal with a face that bears uncanny likeness to you etched inside of it
64 A glass bead, hardened by psionics
65 A small stone box with unknown ashes in it
66 A small wooden sailcart toy
67 A pouch filled with defiler ash
68 A small sundial
69 An incense holder carved in the likeness of a silt horror
70 A piece of wax imprinted with the image of the Grand Vizier
71 A small stone carving of the Raamic god, Badnu
72 A broken jade disk inscribed with the image of a Draji templar holding up a heart
73 An athasian sloth's tooth carved with the image of a halfling village on it
74 A small orange flag with crossed carrikals in black on it
75 A gord with dried herbs
76 A small piece of leather which holds several small pieces of dried sap
77 A broken M'Ke trade coin
78 A ceremoinial dagger given to free a gladiator slave from Tyr
79 A cracked belgoi's bell
80 A rusted scale
81 A Urikite beard ring
82 A skull of a Pristine Tower warped creature
83 A wooden box filled with dried leaves from the Crescent forest
84 A silk veil
85 A wooden plate with a drawing of the Sunrise Home on it
86 A small stone statue taken from a building in Nibenay
87 A flask with water from the Lake of Golden Dreams
88 A small bottle with sand from the Black Sand region
89 A piece of ceramic with the image of silk skimmer on it
90 A skull carved from lava rock
91 An ancient coin from Giuestenal
92 A faded writ of trade from Kurn
93 A drumstick from the forgotten city of Eldaarich
94 A stone tablet with names of ancient knights
95 A clay tablet with unkown runes on it
96 A bone plate with images of Ral & Guthay etched on it
97 A yellow scrap from a Urikite Templar's cloak
98 A ceramic disk in the shape of the sun
99 An arrowhead made by a dead elven tribe
00 A small iron hammer made by an ancient dwarven clan