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Play Dark Sun next Saturday, all editions welcome! Dark Sun Excursions

Dark Sun Logo and full sone with the details of the Excursions event
Dark Sun Excursions - The Lost Temple of Rahoon by June Soler

We at Athascon are debuting monthly Dark Sun Excursions adventures for play during the monthly Dark Sun Game Day on December 17, 2022.

Our first adventure scenario is DSE-01 Lost Temple of Rahoon .

If you want to play Dark Sun, this is your opportunity to jump into the world of the Crimson Sun for FREE!

Currently GM’s are running the adventure in the following game systems/editions: (If you want to run 3rd edition get in touch!) * 5E D&D (Players Needed) * 4E D&D (Players Needed) * 2E AD&D

So hop on to the Athascon Discord at Join the ATHASCON - A DARK SUN CELEBRATION Discord Server! go to the #dark-sun-excursions channel on and sign-up!

All games are pinned to that channel.


Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Episode 24: June Soler and Athascon

June Soler has stormed on the Dark Sun public scene in the past couple of years, in this episode of Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Jesse and Robert talk to June about how his contributions to the Dark Sun community, why he’s an actual Templar of Urik, and his latest project, Athascon.

Listen to Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Episode 24: June Soler and Athascon

Online Oct 29-30th, 2022. Athascon Discord Server:
Athas Con by June Soler

In celebration of Dark Sun’s 31st anniversary, it is only fitting that we have a party in the desert, away from the prying eyes of templars! Lets have a Dark Sun themed virtual convention! Stay tuned for more information as we marshal our allies in the alleys of the city-states and beyond…


Friends here is all the information to get ready for Athascon. We encourage you to participate as players and GMs to bring Dark Sun to new, returning or experienced gamers of all types throughout the weekend. Our goal is to bring a host of Dark Sun adventures in every edition to run throughout the weekend. In addition, we hope to feature Dark Sun programming with both official designers and homebrew creators on their various Dark Sun projects.

Individuals who sign-up and run at least 4 hours of Dark Sun gaming events at Athascon will receive Dark Sun themed digital convention swag. * 3D Printable STL files of Dark Sun themed creatures * A Set of 4 Dark Sun themed creature tokens for use in VTTs created by Devin Night

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