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Playtest: Adventures in the Dead Lands : The Tunnel Beneath

Gu’as zombies from the Beardpit Mines (in the Deadlands) have been tunneling northwards for quite some time. They stumbled upon an ancient blue age rhulisti travel tube, which eventually deposited their excavators at a forgotten travel hub just underneath Altaruk. The PCs and the whole town now face an entity and a threat unlike anything they have ever seen before.

The Tunnel Beneath is an adventure for four 13th level PCs written for the 3.5 Dark Sun campaign setting rules system.

We are releasing early beta tests copies to anyone who is willing to help us by providing feedback. Please fill out the information in the form below, and you will be emailed a download link containaing the necesary files for the beta test.

All playtesters who provide feedback will appear in the credits of this product when it is published!