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Chimes of Personal Power

"Ralthric had been chased by the vigilante wizard hunters for days now, and it was starting to show. After using his best spells to light the escape tunnels, create a few needed walls and distractions, and fake ahal quake, he was beginning to run dry. He had even, Rajaat forbid, wasted a smattering of spells on assaulting the chasing peasents, before the less-commited among them gave up.

"Using the mysterious ability to walk on silts and leave no footprints in sand that he was born with, Ralthric had managed to give them the slip at least a half dozen times. Now though, that he was away from Balic and the Silt Sea, deep into the Alluvial Sand Wastes, he began to worry.

"The chasing warriors were fast approaching on the dune crests, leaving a long cloud of dust behind them. He could tell just by the size that they were still outnumbering him, and moving fast.

"Just the day before he had discovered a scroll in some ruins he had spent the night in. The ancient text described a magic that would carry him from harm should he use it, and he knew he was capable. The only problem was that he had channeled spells so constantly, it was likely his body could take no more. To make matters worse, the potent spell required far more energy than the wastes made available.

"With a weary effort, Ralthric's cracked, parched lips curved up into a knowing smile. The night's rest had restored the power of his Will, he could feel it deep in his nexus, waiting to encharge his strange equilibrium ability again.

"Ralthric reached into his pack, removing the only item he had left at his disposal- a set of glistening chimes. He stood tall on the dune, holding them up to the wind ring through them, the sirrocco playing a dusty, haunting melody of it's own accord.

"By the time the first arrows struck into the sand, Ralthric was gone."

Chimes of Personal Power (Wizard/Psionicist)

These strange chimes look not unlike any normal variety. The set usually has six short, hollow tubes of either metal or rare Agafari wood. Crystal chimes are not unknown, but far less often constructed. Each chime has a semi-precious or more valuable stone imbedded in it, always of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, transcending in the order from longest chime to shortest. The string used to bind them together is translucent, and is usually enchanted spider webbing.

When used by a dual- or multi-classed mage/psionicist, the chimes prove to be incredibly useful. When held in the slightest breeze and used in the proper manner, the chimes will convert magical or psionic energy back and forth. The manner to activate them involves some symbolic conversion- water be poured in one end and come out as sand, or vice versa, is a common example. The energy conversion rate is 5 PSPs per spell level, and can be used both ways.


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