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Dark Sun Net-Projects

The Net Projects were a series of projects created by members of the Dark Sun mailing list during the late '90s to flesh out the Dark Sun setting.

1. What were the Net Projects?

The Net Projects were projects in the late 90's created for use of the net community by an individual on a specific topic within the Dark Sun game setting. Topics range from The Deadlands, Armor, Weapons, different City-States, etc. Each NP had a set amount of time to run on the Dark Sun Mailing list, during that time the Owner of the Net Project send mail to the list requesting the type of info that was needed for inclusion into the Net Project and the format that the info needed to be sent in.

2. Are the NP's Official?

No, the Net Projects were strictly unofficial but are usually based on official TSR material.

3. How long did they run for?

Each Project was scheduled to run for 2 weeks.

4. How do I sign up for a Net Project?

The net projects are not currently running although you might try to get one started by posting to the Dark Sun mailing list or your favorite Dark Sun forums.

5. When it's my NP period what do I do?

On the first Monday of your Net Project you should send a mail to the listting everyone know what you are looking for including any formatting that needs to be done. To get the ball rolling you should post several of your own ideas to show everyone what you're looking for.

6. What Net Projects have there been?

These dates are 1997 & 1998

Date     Project(Owner)

  • 8/04-8/10/97 Athasian Ecology (Teos & Gerald)
  • 8/11-8/17 Ideas on future projects, Dead Lands (Gerald)
  • 8/18-8/24 Armor of Athas (Chayos)
  • 8/25-8/31 City State of Kurn (Esbensen)
  • 9/1-9/7 Equipment List (Carrie)
  • 9/8-9/14 Weapons of Athas (Teos)
  • 9/15-9/21 Was Inhabitant/wanderer of the Tablelands area(Jes)
  • 9/22-9/28 Restaurants, taverns, shops. (Adam white)
  • 9/29-10/5 Champions (Flip) 
  • 10/6-10/12 Elemental Lords project (eweilna)
  • 10/13-10/19 Halfling Culture (Wolfgand)
  • 10/20-10/26 Wisdom of the Drylanders (
  • 11/24-11/30 Librams of the Alliance - spells, kits, items, etc. (Nightfall)
  • 12/1-12/7 The Champions of Rajaat (1/4 done) (Nightfall)
  • 12/8-12/14 Elemental Demons (w-kook)
  • 2/23-3/1     Champions (Nightfal) Summer
  • 3/2 - 3/8     What Your Father Told You (Michael.Cugley)
  • 3/9 -3/15     Expanded Random Encounters ( 
  • 3/16-3/22     New Elemental Clerics (dark)
  • 3/23-3/29     Psionic Schools (the_necroscope) 
  • 3-30-4/5    Herbs of Athas (Dave.Coleman) 
  • 4/6-4/19    City-State of Raam (jonasfel)
  • 4/20-5/3     Under Tyr (jonhua)
  • 5/4-5/17     City-State of Balic (gastruck)
  • 5/18-5/31     Beyond the Cerulean Storm (hackard)
  • 6/1-6/14    Monsters from the books (Daniel.Bandera)
  • 6/15-6/28    Common Wisdom(Brax_A)
  • 6/29-7/12 Farming Athas (kasprick)
  • 7/13-7/20 Waves of Dust (mooncutter)
  • 7/20-8/2 City of Bodach (argfenix)
  • 8/10-8/23 Athasian Faiths & Mythology (darksun)
  • 8/24-9/6 Underground Civilizations (Darknight)
  • 9/7-9/20/98 Warfare of Athas (bmaynard)

7. Where are the NP's stored?

The following is the list of completed projects.

The Dead Lands(pdf)

Libram of Athasian Ecology(pdf)

The Herbs of Athas

The Net Book of Athasian Clerics(Word)

Expanded Random Encounters (Web Archived version)

The Athasian Equipment List

Armor of Athas

The Arms of Athas

The Complete Book of Athasian Humanoids(Word)

Athasian Martial Arts (Word)

What Your Father Told You Hosted at Ur-Braxa