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Elemental Lord

Agni (Surtr, Homasubi, Utgardloki), CN Sun Lord by TarsTrkas

Agni appears as a slim handsome man, dressed in form fitting clothing of yellow and red. Agni is chaotic and mischievous. He respects intelligence and trickery and prefers illusion over force. He is more interested in small personal pranks that are minorly destructive rather than wholesale destruction and respects intelligence, creativity and whimsy in his followers.

Granted Powers: Once per month, priests of Agni may cast an illusion similar to a phantasmal force spell. How powerful and elaborate the illusion will be depends on the level of priest.

Gebnut (Goibhniu, Ptah), LE Magma Lord, by TarsTrkas

Appears as a massive, stocky humanoid about 20 feet tall and as many broad. His body looks as if it were composed of black quicksilver. Wherever he walks he leaves a trail of blackened footprints, as if singeing the very earth with his touch.

Gebnut encourages the subjugation of beings through technology. The creation of cities and bureaucracies go hand in hand with advances in technology. Mines, forges, and grandiose public monuments delight him.

Gurdek, CE Earth Lord,Featured in Black Spines, book 2.

Not much is mentioned about Gurdek other than he is insane and a ravager of his priests minds. Slate, his first mentioned priest, had his skin transformed into a stone-like hide, his memory stolen, and his mind broken. He lives deep in the Black Spine mountains, and is on friendly terms with the gith, believing them to be elemental earth spirits.

Gurdek doesn’t seem to mind. Slate has made a few more initiate priests of Gurdek by charming them, and though their skin and memories remain intact, their minds are similarly broken. He in essence creates dual class priests. To those that fail (wis < 16), the minds are broken beyond repair, and the character is driven completely insane,

Kanarock, LN Earth Lord by Chay0s (Robert Adducci)

Kanarock cares only for the laws of nature and creatures that dwell upon the earth. Many of his priests change their professions and become druids. Kanarock does not see this as a loss to Earth, but a gain for Athas. Due to this outlook he is looked on favorably by Farmers, Herders, Druids, and Rangers. Before planting many praises are made to Kanarock for a save growing season. He is perhaps the most well known Elemental Lord on Athas. Many Druids and Clerics of Kanarock (who are very loyal tohim) even go so far as to say Kanarock is the true spirit of Athas or that each Spirit of the land is some kind of manifestation of Kanarock, whether these two beliefs hold true or not is unknown but it is unwise to question a Priest/Druid of Kanarock who holds either of these beliefs to be true. Kanarock, does not care for the lives of sentient beings, but has been known to help them if it furthers Nature and Athas. Because of this belief Clerics of Kanarock have been know to destroy whole villages just to bring down a hunted defiler. Priests of Kanarock are often very stubborn when if comes to Defilers or other harmers of the land. Priests and fledgling druids who follow Kanarock oftenf travel together forming small parties. Kanarock’s minions are known to be very militant and their manner and bearing show this.

Path of Kanarock

Worship the Earth before all Worship Athas before the commands of beings Loyalty to Kanarock before loyalty to mortals Loyalty to Priests/Druids of Kanarock Loyalty to other Earth Lords whos goals to not interefere with Kanarock’s goals Loyalty to other mortals who have shown favor to Earth, Athas, Kanarock’s Priest, Earth Priests Besides the above no other loyalties may be held by Priests/Druids of Kanarock

Tennants of the Followers of Kanarock

  • Further the Earth
  • Destroy Defilers
  • Further Athas
  • Destroy the Sorcerer Kings and their minions

Kanarock’s relationship’s within other Lords of the inner planes are varied. During the beginings of the Para-Elementals wars Kanarock’s minions were beaten down badly and Kanarock left for dead. Kanarock noticed the effects of the Innerplanes wars on Athas and the role the Defilers of Athas played in the Innerplanes wars. He quickly gathered followers on Athas, teaching them the ways of the Earth and Athas. Because of his resourcefullness many other Lords resented him. Many Earth Lords beleived he was abandoning Earth by turning to Athas for they did not see the linke between Athas and the Innerplanes. Many of the Para-Elemental lords quickly banded together to defeat Kanarock on Athas, but he had many priests and Druids on Athas. As a result of this great onslaught of Para-Element attacks and the unwillingness of other Earth Lords to help him Kanarock was forced to turn to Fire Lords to give him more firepower on Athas. He made a pact with a Fire Lord name Shisstaa (to be detailed next). With the aid of Shisstaa and her Priests Kanarock was able to push back the onslaught of Para-Elemental attack on Athas. With the signing of the Pact many Water and Rain Lords warned Kanarock of the fury and strength of Fire. Some warned that Earth and Fires should not directly ally for the combination results in Magma. Kanarock pushed these Lords away beleiveing they were insulting both him and the fortitude of Earth.

Khet, LG Air Lord by David Michael Scheimann

This patron is into the “air stuff”. He hates slavery, and tries to free slaves if at all possible, and usually mischievously. Wandering priests are a must. Dress is typically white, flowing robes. Khet is also one of the wiser of the air patrons, often older initiates are sought out by Khet. There was most recently a small following in Raam, where a group of plague ridden people were cured over the course of a week by one of Khet’s priest.

Kiel, NE Air Lord by David Michael Scheimann

As well as typical air priest likes and dislikes, Kiel has a reserved hatred for slavery. He seems to thrive on freedom. Kiel believes in no mercy for slavers, often having his priests wreak as much havoc upon the slavers’ lives as possible. One tactic in particular is to offer his services to many people on a caravan, then ask them to perform seemingly harmless, time consuming tasks (at about the same time) so leaving the caravan vulnerable to attack at a crucial time. Often times even those associated with the slavers lose their lives, it the priest is particularly brutal. Priests of Kiel are often associated with raiding tribes.

Ignitsuu, NE Magma Lord by Thomas Grov

Ignitsuu is one of the least powerful elemental lords on the paraelemental plane of magma, but probably the only sane one to take interest in Athas. Ignitsuu was a servant of Chilimba, the undisputed ruler of the plane, for several milennia before he got his own domain. His domain is located in a large pocket of obsidian located near the quasielemental plane of Ash. When he discovered this pocket, he first dismissed it as a regular pocket of negative energy that had appeared, but when he studied it closer he discovered otherwise. He came into contact with the spirit of the Athasian defiler known as Gretch. From Gretch he learned that a large amount of obsidian was gated in to athas almost a thousand years ago. He also discovered that this pocket in his plane was very closely attuned to Athas, and made him capable of manifesting his power on the prime. He quickly built a great obsidian fortress in the pocket and with the help of Gretch he transported a number of (living) humans to his domain. Here he personally trained them and gave them many powers. They began to change, their skin turning to blackest obsidian and their bodies able to cast the most powerful magma spells. But the process wasn’t foolproof, many of them died in the process, in the end he had 3 constructs. He released the constructs on Athas, and told them to gather worshippers for him. Impressing people with their power, they soon added more priests to their ranks (although these did not gain obsidian skin, their skin turned coal black). Although many races embraced these powers, most were infact elves (a large number of the Shadows are believed to have been influenced by Ignitsuu, and some rumors that one of the constructs themselves founded the clan). The elves being wanderers were often the ones who discovered the constructs communing with their lord at a volcano. Ignitsuu believes (perhaps correctly) that a number of worshippers on the prime will give him more power and prestige on his plane, so he encourages all his faithful to gather new, loyal worshippers. Although it pains him that Athas is mostly magma sparse, he does not isolate his priests in volcanoes to heat them. Some of the other (insane) magma lords have taken this step, getting comfort from the increase of magma on the prime. Ignitsuu has recently (in his immortal timeframe) discovered a new race of prospective worshippers, the Dray. Living near a rather rich source of magma, the first generation dray have always had a great respect for the paraelement. When Ignitsuu learned about them he sent one of his constructs to teach them. The construct was very surprised that these creatures already had a god, thank you very much, and didn’t need any magma lord interfering. They dray managed to slay tha construct and sent the body to Dregoth to show him they still were faithful to their god. Ignitsuu was furious, but didn’t want to act rashly. He began to slowly reveal his powers to the wisest of the dray, and help them when they needed it most. After some incidents of magma dropping from the air and consuming their enemies, some dray finally began worshipping him for spells. Ignitsuu was careful not to reveal what he is to the dray, but are trying to gently steer them to become independant of Dregoth and embrace him completely. Ignitsuu has contemplated to contact Dregoth himself, but Gretch, who knew Dregoth in her breathing days, has adviced him against it. Ignitsuu is only interested in power in the long run, and does not care about his priests more than they are worth to him. He wants to gain more power on Athas, and will achieve it with the help of his priests. He could ally with any force (Dregoth, kreen, dead lands) to help conquor Athas, for a promise of total elimination of all non-magma clerics, so he could have total control of the planet and gain power enough to someday take control of the paraelemental plane of magma.

Galaana, NG Rain Lord by Nicolas Holzapfel

Galaana dwells within a particualar rain patron. Not in anyway associated with Tithian (hey, has he become a Rain Lord now? Just a thought), her rain pattern is the onw that falls on Tyr every 10 years or so. She manifests from the para-elemental plane of rain every time rain falls along the wind pattern she is part of. She is a bringer of hope to everyone. Her priests are all wanderers, giving food and help wherever they can to everyone equally. Like the rain, they do not distunguish between the worth of nobles and slaves. Everyone is equal. However they are not aligned to any particular city or organization, instead they must wander Athas, never staying in one place for too long. They appreciate beauty as Galaana does - wherever the rain falls great fields of colour will spring up in the form of the short-lived flowers of the desert.

Ragaun, CN Silt Lord by Darknight

Eat. Take. Steal. Expand. More power. This in short is the creed of Ragaun’s priests. Ragaun wants to accumulate power in a short time and resides in the ruins of an ancient city under the shores of the Sea of Silt near Balic. Sometimes he makes the silt retire, just to take later the lives of those foolish enough to adventure in the ruins. With some exceptions. All worthy (?) adventurers will have a choice: become his priests… or die like the others. His priests try to be as secretive as possible, they don’t think in the long term, unless it’s clear that the deal/project will make them MUCH more powerful then they are at the moment. They take everything they can and kill without remorse anyone who interferes with their current objective. Ragaun’s final aim is to cover Athas with silt and become its overlord. A high purpose for someone low in rank as him. In its home plane Ragaun is little more than a commoner, in fact he plans to raise in power expanding his influence on Athas.

Siva (Morrigan, Kali), LN Fire Lord by TarsTrkas

Siva revels in large scale destruction and glories in war. She appears as an enormous (12 ft tall), red-skinned woman with four arms wielding a sword, a javelin, an axe, and a mace.

Her priests are of two sort. Some are warriors, though more often soldiers than mercenaries and never gladiators. The second type is a political animal that works behind the scenes to move cities to war on one another. Many have infiltrated the spy networks of their respective cities and try to skew the information they gather to make rival cities seem like threats.

Dagon (Jormungandr, Triton), N Water/Rain lord by TarsTrkas

Dagon appears as a monstrous figure 200 ft tall, covered with blue-black scales. His head resembles that of an ape’s, though reptilian in appearance. Four arms sprout from his torso which is attached to a long serpent’s body. Dagon is very bloodthirsty and demands live sacrifice of his followers. How priests of Dagon choose to meet this requirement varies with the individual. Some have no qualms about sacrificing innocent victims, others only sacrifice their enemies, others sacrifice only animals, and the most life-respecting spill their own blood as an offering to Dagon. One thing is certain, failure to propitiate their Dark Master invites punishment by Coriolus Storm. Sometimes in desparation, his priests cast out a victim before the storm, hoping to appease Dagon’s hunger.


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